Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Thrifty Three

I stopped by my favorite flea market
yesterday after bible study

.....since I was in town why not?????

I looked around not really seeing
anything that peeked my interest

I was on my way out when I saw an old
rattan love seat with some cushions
stacked on it

I asked the owner if she would sell
the cushions separate.....

Oh sure she said, I'd take $2.00 each for them

I told her I didn't want the pillows that were
in the fabric inserts (they were old lawn cushions)
(I already had inserts that would work great)

She paused for a minute......

OK, you can have all three for $5.00


Two went on my love seat

and one went in a rocker
on the back screened porch

I love it when I find the unexpected

something I didn't know I needed

.......but I sooooo did!!!!!

Every Little Birdie says
You can never have too many pillows!!


  1. Oh you did score on those pillows. Are they chocolate brown or burgandy? I can not tell on my computer.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Susan, they are burgardy. I wish they were a little more red but I still love them.

  3. Score!!! for you.
    I like them. Glad you got them on such a great price.


  4. good for you..........god bless
    come visit

  5. Exactly right! Can never have too many pillows! I swear I'm addicted to them! I have ones made from this same fabric! I love the black and white! Good score! Hugs, Leena