Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Crowning Glory

I had mentioned that I was going to make
a Christmas tree to go in my booth

Well, as it sometimes happens,
now that I've made it I like it too
much, sooooo it's staying with me least for this season

As believer's we are all Children of the King

So I topped my tree off with a CROWN

The crown sits on a rusty bed spring

 I used book pages
and music paper
to make the ornaments

 and the little burlap birdie
was a gift from a special friend

 Oh and yes I thought my tree 
needed a clock too

Now I can't wait until Christmas
to display my little tree

Every Little Birdie says-
  But until then I'll just enjoy this nice fall weather
and enjoy each day the good Lord gives me 

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Chalk Paint & Chicken Wire!

I've been a busy girl over 
the last couple of days......

I've sold quite a bit from my booth

It needed re-stocking so off to work I went.....

This piece was an old brown cabinet
I gave it two coats of white chalk paint

It still didn't have the look I wanted ....

So I painted it light green
  then I distressed it so you could see the white finish
and some of the original wood

Now it's got just the right shabby look!


 I found this Broyhill night stand for $5.00
As you can imagine it was in need of some love and care

A coat of blue chalk paint
and some cute knobs did the trick

Then out came the chicken wire.....

 I painted this frame white
attached chicken wire to the frame
then hung my little wreath creation in the center

Yes, I'm already putting Christmas items
in my booth, and yes people are already
buying them!!

  Everyone loves my display frame
with the chicken wire and burlap backing
So when I found another gold ornate frame
I created another one (a little smaller)  to sell

It's in the back on the floor behind the bed 
I'm working on a Christmas Tree for my booth
and will share it with you when I'm finished

I've got to get cleaned up because I'm off to a
Breast Cancer Fund Raiser
with some friends tonight

A Mammogram saved my life!

Make sure you get yours, detection is the best protection!!
  Every Little Birdie says-
Hope you are enjoying this cool fall weather
What a blessing from above!! 

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Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Fun Date

Hubby took me on a fun date
this past Saturday

We went on a day trip to San Antonio
to shop and have lunch

 The main focus of our shopping.......

Cowboy boots for me!!!!!

First stop- the area around the Alamo
 There were some boots shops close
to the Alamo that we wanted to check out

One was in the landmark Menger Hotel

It's the Silver Spur Boutique - cute shop but no size 5 boots

 As we walked the streets around the Alamo
we saw some interesting sites
There was some kind of rally going on in front of the Alamo

and a group of tourists on these motorized things
But we were here to shop
so on we went

Shop after shop.....Nothing in a size 5
that struck my fancy

Finally it was lunch time
so we headed to our favorite spot
to eat in the Market area
La Margarita's 
the food is sooooo good here!

If you ever find your self in San Antonio
I highly recommend this place
You will not be disappointed!

After a delicious lunch we were ready to shop again
We headed over to the Alamo Quarry Market

A beautiful shopping center with a very 
special store......

  Lucchese Boots

Oh yea, I have finally found
boot heaven!

After trying on some very pretty boots
I finally made my decision.......

Calf Skin boots with a beautiful tooling design

 I am so in love with these boots!

Thank you honey for a very 
special day!

Every Little Birdie says -
  Boot shopping in the "Alamo"city
........a South Texas gal's dream 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Drum Roll Please

In my last post I told you about
moving my little booth to a new area
in the Just Shabby Enough shop
 (Victoria, Texas)

The Vintage Nest
new and improved!

 Every Little Birdie's booth

Yes the ladder is a new display piece
with my vintage shabby lampshades perched above





Remember my chalk paint projects??  Here is the blue chair that had a hole in the seat.....I covered a piece of plywood with foam and fabric and glued it to the chair....Presto, good as new!

Every time someone buys something
from my booth I feel so blessed and happy
that my vintage/shabby creations have found a good home and will bring someone else as
much enjoyment as they have for me!

Every Little Birdie says-
 Do your work unto the Lord
You will be richly blessed!! 

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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Change is Good!

I know I've just done a 
post on my "Vintage Nest" booth

However there has been a change......

The shop I'm in has expanded!
It's doubled in size!!!

(yea Luanne, you rock girl!!)


I've moved to the other side
where you will find lots of new vendors!!

We spent all weekend setting up 
our new spaces

It was so much fun helping each other,
 giving each other advice and just
getting to know each other better

A special thank you to Virginia
for the awesome screen that separates our booths

Here is a sneak peak of my new space.....

Check back next week to see
all the changes I've made to
the "Vintage Nest"

Every Little Birdie says
Change can be a good thing!!!!

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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My Fall Booth

I've had so much fun 
 stocking my booth
for the Fall Season

Lot's of new inventory!!!!

 Check out this 1950's "Dixie" nightstand
Re-purposed with white chalk paint and new hardware

Also this cute little cabinet
which may have been a telephone stand
in another life......

 How about a handmade banner

How sweet is this vintage baby dress, hat & shoes

 And there is an array of my 
decorative jars and bottles

Lot's of pretty pillows

 Thanks for stopping by
my little booth

For local folks-
it's located at 
Just Shabby Enough
1301 North Navarro
Victoria, Texas 

Every Little Birdie says
 Did you see something you liked?

hop on over to
and join the party!!