Sunday, April 1, 2018

Happy Easter

We woke to a beautiful Easter morning

Our Savior is risen!
He is risen indeed!

The choir did a glorious program
at church this morning

Our Redeemer lives

After lunch we took a stroll
through the Victoria Gardens


Such a beautiful, peaceful place

The perfect place to reflect on Jesus, His
love for us and His wonderful gift of grace

Every Little Birdie says

 We hope you had a blessed Easter

Sunday, March 18, 2018

St. Patrick's Day in New Braunfels

We have some life long friends
in New Braunfels who we
haven't seen in a while

When they called and invited 
us for a weekend visit
A Saturday night St. Paddy's Day
pub crawl in down town New Braunfels
 we packed our bags and
headed to the Texas Hill Country!! 

Our destination - Villa Sartain

 We love visiting their beautiful home

It all started with a tiny stone cottage
which was the original home

The villa was built above the cottage
   First level, the cottage
Second and Third levels, the Villa

Let's walk down to the cottage

This charming little cottage
was our home away from home
for the weekend

My favorite place to spend quiet time
is on the back screened porch of the cottage 

the view of the terraced levels leading
down to the beautiful Comal River 
are breath taking

After a relaxing day we made our way
 down town for the.....

First stop
Krause's Biergarten

The entertainment for the evening

New Braunfels Firefighters Pipes and Drums

It was the perfect way to celebrate
St. Paddy's Day

  From me and hubby
to you and yours


Every Little Birdie says
 Thanks to our friend,
Janie for a wonderful weekend 

Friday, March 9, 2018

Good Junk!

Nothing is better than the
first hint of SPRING!

The grass is getting green
the trees are beginning to bud.......

Springs a coming y'all
It's time to freshen up
those outdoor spaces!!

So yesterday I had one of those moments

"I think I'll make a coffee table 
for my outside patio"
As some of you know
I have a lot of what I like to
call "good junk" stored in my garage

So off I went to dig through my junk...
I decided this old cabinet door
would make a great table top

and this old piece of junk (I found at a yard 
sale) will be perfect for the base

 I decided to sand the back of the cabinet door
and then shabby it up a bit with 
a coat of white wash paint

(white paint + a little water = white wash paint)

That gave it just the look I was going for!

I then gave it a coat of polyurethane sealer
since it will used outside

Next I made a trip to Hobby Lobby
looking for some rustic hardware
Found these handles that were
made to look old! 

I screwed the handles on each end
to give it the appearance of  
an old tray

 I added this cute shabby metal basket
to my tray top for a little added 
shabby character
(another find at Hobby Lobby
got it on sale for $10.00)

Then I relocated (from my patio) 
a white iron bird
and a enamel pot with a succulent

(use what you got sister)

Now I have a new (OLD) 
coffee table ready to move onto my outdoor patio

Every Little birdie says
Don't you love it when one of
your bright ideas actually works!

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Anxiously Waiting............

I am so ready for 

We had a pretty hard winter
for South Texas

It actually got down in the 20's
a few times

Therefore my pretty flower gardens


Luckily all my plants are perennials 
(which means they will come back) 
so I've just cut everything to the ground
and now I'm waiting, waiting, waiting
for them to SPRING back!

Patience is NOT my middle name
so it's very hard for me to wait

However, there were a few brave plants
that made it through the winter

My succulents!!!!

 How joyous to have these pretty 
green plants all year long 

My vintage enamel bowls
work great as containers

 Recently while shopping in East Texas I
 found a cute little chicken feeder
for $5.00 and guess what I used it for.....

a planter for succulents!!

(they aren't fussy 
they'll grow where ever you put them)

I am anxiously waiting for Spring
but until then I've got these hardy
little plants to keep me happy  

 Every Little Birdie says

Friday, February 2, 2018

Heavenly Shades of White

I'm in love with the color white

I think it brings peace, calmness
and serenity

It's the color palette I chose 
for my home and I never
tire of it

and that's especially true
on my screened porch

I love using cotton in my decor, it's the perfect white touch

Can't you just feel yourself
taking a deep breath 
and relaxing.......

Every Little birdie says