Thursday, June 20, 2019

Sandy toes

As we crossed the bridge over the bay,
 the first thing that caught my eye was a sign 
It was our first trip back to 
this friendly little tropical town 
since Hurricane Harvey came to visit in 2017
The fury of Harvey left a path of 
destruction far and wide along the Texas coast 
But it certainly didn't destroy the spirit 
of these coastal towns 
and they are coming back 
 The downtown area of Rockport
has been rebuilt and is as charming as ever

and the beach is still an amazing place to have fun
and the perfect beach for
my GRAND niece 
to experience sand between her toes!! 


GAM (aka-Great Aunt Marsha) & Lelia B  


Katy (aka Mommy) & Lelia B


Nana (aka-my sister) & Leila B

The Rockport beach has always been 
our family's happy place!! 
 and now it's Lelia B's happy place too!!


and what's a trip to Rockport without 
a little side trip over to another 
amazing little beach town


Crossing over on the ferry 
is an experience in itself

and much to our surprise, most of the 
delightfully tacky souvenir shops
are back in business 

We stopped for dinner at the 
A popular place on the Island
and one of the first restaurants to 
re-open after the hurricane

After a delicious Italian meal
we headed for the beach!

 Surf was up and it was a great 
evening for a little beach cruisin'


The Texas Coast has made 
an incredible comeback

Every Little Birdie says
 that makes me as happy
as sand between my toes


Thursday, June 6, 2019

Hello Summer!

We've entered the month of June
over here at Every Little Birdies

Let the TEXAS summer begin!!

Time to enjoy a little gardening
I love my Red Geraniums

 The pungent smell of these flowers
take me back to my Nana's small
garden in England

 and my ferns are in remembrance
of my Dad. He had such a green thumb
and loved his many pots of ferns

a large galvanized tub filled
with asparagus fern
greets folks at our back door

 The succulents are loving the warm weather

However, sharing my flowerbeds
with these "nibblers" can be
a little challenging

I recently planted some
Lamb's Ear in my front flower beds
and they have stood the test
of a deer resistant plant 

Another plant not on the deer's menu
I love it, Texas hardy and beautiful too!

 These tubs are in a bed by the
outside patio

My secret to keeping the deer away 
from this area......

I plant different herbs in with my other plants
They hate the strong smells of herbs!!

One can get a little "dewy" 
gardening in the Texas heat
My favorite solution.......

Retreat to the screened summer porch

 Grab a big glass of iced tea,
kick back and enjoy the summer breeze
(even if it's from a ceiling fan)

Birdie says
It's just a 




Saturday, April 6, 2019

Polo @ the McFaddin Ranch

It was a busy Saturday in Victoria, Texas

Two very popular events
just so happened to fall 
on the same Saturday!

Polo @ The Mc Faddin Ranch
benefiting the Nave Museum


The Art Car Parade and Festival
benefiting the Five Points Museum of Contemporary Art 

 Oh my, decisions, decisions
What's a person to do??

Attend both, Of course!!

We met our friends, Chip & Mary Jane Dense
at the Mc Faddin Ranch around 1:00 p.m.

Just in time to enjoy some good music and the many tailgating tents offering great food and drink

Hats & Boots were the attire of the day

 after strolling the tents and tasting ALL the many delicacies
(one doesn't want to be rude, you know) 

we headed to the main tent to watch the Polo match

 Our friends, Chip & Mary Jane

 Me & Hubby

It was our first time at a Polo Match
and we absolutely loved it!!


after a very enthusiastic and entertaining game, we left the Polo grounds and headed downtown for our next event

Each year after the Art Car Parade there is a free festival for the community

It's held on one of the prettiest streets in our historic area and the highlight of the festival is the delicious food catered by our friend John Welder


John never disappoints

His beef tenderlion, ribs, and quail are to die for!!

(and yes we ate again)


Happy and definitely full it was time to head home 

What a wonderful day!

 Every Little Birdie says

We love this community of great people

We feel blessed to call Victoria our home