Sunday, December 9, 2018

Once upon a time in WinterONEderland.......

Once upon a time there was a very special
little girl named Lelia Be

Her Mommy was very special too!!
As a matter of fact she had 
extraordinary super powers 

So ONE day her super mom waved her magic
 wand and Lelia Be entered into
the magical land of 

It was filled with the most 
delightful food

(thanks to her super mom )

and lots of her 
favorite people

 And there was a SURPRISE guest


Even her Nana & Gam 
sat on Santa's knee 

 And to her surprise
everyone brought presents

But the best part of

  this very special little girl got
her very own special

and as she ate her yummy cake
everyone in WinterONEderland

After an amazing day
in WinterONEderday she 
drifted off to sleep 
and had sweet dreams 
of Santa, cake, new toys
and all the people in her
life that LOVE her so very much!!
Every Little Birdie says
 Happy First Birthday to Lelia Be
May all your dreams come true 


Monday, December 3, 2018

Christmas on Main Street

People poured into downtown Victoria
Saturday night for the annual Christmas Parade 

The streets were lined with folks
anticipating that first glance 
of colorful floats

And the community did not disappoint!

And Hubby and I were thrilled to be right in the middle of all the excitement at a Parade Party hosted by Cliff and Magdalena Kuykendall

They have the perfect location!!
Main Street, downtown Victoria

The historic downtown building
where they now reside dates back to 1905.  
It was previously the location of their restaurant, Taqueria Mi Familia, which was a fixture of the community for 25 years. After closing the restaurant, Cliff & Maggie made the decision to make downtown their home and to remodel the building into a beautiful loft home   

A hidden Gem in the heart of downtown

Filled with beautiful treasures
of a life well lived

Thank you to our lovely hostess Maggie
for a fabulous, fun night in the 
heart of the city

Every Little Birdie says
Great friends + Great community = Victoria, Texas


Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Starting the holidays RANCH STYLE

Tis the Season
 for holiday fun!!

Thanksgiving Day
we gave thanks for 
our wonderful neighbors
Chip & Sandra
who included us in their
family Thanksgiving meal

So Fun!! So Yummy!!

Saturday morning we headed out
to Pearsall, Texas
to join our friends Allen & Janie
at their new barndominium
on the Sartain Ranch

I've often blogged on
their beautiful Villa
on the Comal River
in New Braunfels

(Enter Sartain on the search
tab on the right for my posts
on Villa Sartain)

Meanwhile back at the Ranch,
Allen had been dreaming of
building a second home there for years

And now, his dream has come true!!

The house sits on a bluff
overlooking the most incredible views

Allen spent a year designing
 and another year contracting 
the building of the barndominium 

Then it was time for Janie to put
her touch on the interior design

 Now that's ranching in style!

But haven't seen
the guest quarters yet

At the end of the hall is
an antique door that leads
 guests into their very
own space

 Janie is still working on this space
but being a recent guest I can say,
"It's already dang near perfect"

And you might ask.....

what do you do on a holiday 
trip to the Sartain Ranch.....

You begin by piling in the pick-up truck
and heading to town for some good old
Mexican food at Garcia's

Pearsall, Texas

 Next on the agenda-

We hop on Santa's
camo sleigh and take 
a ride around
the ranch

Stopping by the pond for
a little fishing

and ending our sleigh ride
on top of a hill watching the sunset

Later we enjoyed a little concert
by hubby & Janie

and before hitting the hay
we enjoyed a game of 
"chicken foot"

Allen was the BIG winner!!

Every Little Birdie says
 We loved our time on the Sartain Ranch