Sunday, February 19, 2017

One man's junk.......

I went to a vintage/junk sale
down the road from me
this weekend

As the saying goes
"One man's junk, another woman's treasure"

It was at the Knights of Columbus Hall
in Edna, Texas.  Table after table filled this
hall with lots of good treasures, a few 
vintage items and plenty of JUNK!!

Of course I found a few things
that needed to come home with me

After cleaning layers and layers of 
dust and dirt off my pieces
they are finally cleaned up and 
displayed around my Nest

These three coffee cans caught my eye
I'm familiar with Folger's
but I'd never seen IGA and Admiration

They found a home on top of my fridge
in the laundry room along with this
wonderful old Border's milk bottle

This truly was a vintage buy.
How many of you remember having
your milk poured from one of these?

Another thing that always catches my eye 
are old glass lantern's 
I have a small collection and 
found one more at the junk sale

Love the green base

It makes a great addition to my 
Secretary/Curio cabinet 
on the screened porch

And then there was this piece....
It was probably a lid to something???

I had no idea what I would do with it
but I knew it had to come home with me!!

Once home it found it's spot

Can't you imagine some delicious scones
under that sweet lid to go with your
pot of tea?

These old "left behind" treasures
have found a new home and
a new purpose at my Nest and I'm so glad
they came home with me!

Every Little Birdie says
It's never junk as long as someone treasures it!!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Making changes in 2017

I loved the shimmer and sparkle
of my nest during the Christmas season

But all good things must come to an end.....

So New Year's Eve we celebrated
the end of an awesome year
Goodbye 2016


of course the beginning of a new year
means taking down the Christmas decor

and putting your house back to normal




If you are under 50, 
you may not have this problem. 

However, if you have aged 
(like a fine wine)
Grown in wisdom 
(and a few other places)
And have that crown of silver hair 
(isn't silver the new blonde?)


Well, what's a gal to do?


......and that doesn't mean spending money 
on new things.  Use what you have!
I love pulling pieces from storage
that I haven't used in a while.  
It's a great time for CHANGE!

Move decor pieces around.
Move furniture around.
It will look fresh and new to your eye.

The New Year is the perfect time to give your
nest a new look.  After all, it's a fresh start
for you and your home.

  Here are a few of my recent changes
Gone is the shimmer and sparkle of Christmas.  I've replaced it with a clean fresh look.

Decided to pull out my tea cups and display them.
Each one has it's own story.
They bring good memories from past times.

I'm not through mixing it up around here!
I'll keep you posted on my Nest's new look.

...and while I was busy re-decorating
Lacy Mae was busy keeping an eye 
on her property

"Well someone's got to keep an eye on this place"

Next I'm on to planning our Spring trip
to the Big Bend area of Texas

If you have been there and have
advice or suggestions 
please leave comments!!

Every Little Birdie says
Happy 2017 y'all!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Christmas Open House 2016

Welcome to Every Little Birdie's
Christmas Open House

Please come in.......

We love to have friends and family visit our 
home all through the year, 
but especially during this beautiful season

🎝🎜🎝🎜   "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas"  🎜🎝🎜🎝

"Oh Holy Night, the stars are  brightly shining"

🎝🎜🎝🎜 "I'll be home for Christmas"🎝🎜🎝🎜

(My Mom, Sister and her hubby will be joining us)

"It is the night of our dear Savior's birth"

And a Happy New Year!!!

From our Home to yours....

Christmas Blessings
to you and your family

Thank you for visiting our Christmas Open House

Every Little Birdie says
May you know the love of Christ
this Christmas
and throughout the coming year

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

It's beginning to look like Christmas.....

Down with the Harvest Decor

Up with the Christmas Decor!!

Each year I try to change my Christmas
decorating so it's fresh for me and new
for my guests

This year I'm going with a 
"White Christmas Theme"

I commissioned my talented daughter
to do my Christmas chalkboard
while she was here for Thanksgiving


I haven't put my tree up yet
but here is a little peak of my


For those of you who know me,

you know I won't be finished

with my decorating

till Santa slides down that old chimney........

OK, I might  just be a little OCD
when it comes to decorating 
for the season

but I love this time of the year when people forget about their 
differences and come together 
to celebrate the birth of Jesus

Every Little Birdie says
Deck the halls Y'all!!