Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Easter

I love this time of year
when everything is blooming

Spring makes everything
new again......

This is how my garden grows.....

and because of Resurrection Sunday
so can Jesus Christ

Every Little Birdie says-
May you have a Happy & Blessed Easter

Double Feature

Featured twice in one week!

Every Little Birdie feels honored 

First my PORCH was
featured over at.....

Home Away From Home

to Round Top over at....

pieced pastimes

Thanks Suzanne and Maria!!!

Every Little Birdie loves to party

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Have you heard of the
ACTS prayer?
Start with ADORATION
Confess your sins,
Give thanks to the Father,
and finally summit your requests
to the One who cares
I love using this simple pattern for prayer
It kind of puts things in perspective
However, this week I seem to be
praying backwards.....
I have so many friends and family
that desperately need prayer
Some are consumed with emotional hurt,
some have medical problems,
some need peace and strength, and wisdom,
It is my privilege to go before the Father
on their behalf and summit their requests
Knowing that He is a caring, loving Father
who hears our pleas and meets our needs
This Easter season I'm so very thankful
for a relationship with Jesus, my savior,
who never forsakes us, never leaves us,
but instead says,
'Come unto Me all who are weary and
heavy burdened and I will give you rest"
Every Little Birdie says
what a Savior

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Continuing the Loot Shoot

I promised in my last POST
 to show you the rest
of the things I found at the
Warrenton/Roundtop Antique Fair

Well here they are......

Lots of folks where selling these burlap bags
I got these for $2.00 each
Not sure what I'll do with them, but I liked their look


I found this large frame for only $5.00
It has some detail on it and I think it will look pretty
painted white and shabbied a bit

And last,

There were piles of remnants in one booth
A lot had stains on them
But never fear, after looking through
stacks and stacks I finally found this one

I think it makes a cute shabby runner
for my outside table

If you are not familar with this semi-annual Texas Antique Fair
let me give you a little background....

It started in 1968 in a old building in Roundtop with 22 vendors and
has grown over the years.  It now stretches over
twenty miles of Highway 236
starting in Warrenton, continuing through Roundtop
and going all the way to Carmine.
It has grown to thousands of vendors,
more than you can see in one day!!
The Spring fair ends April 7 and the fall fair is Sept 21-Oct 6

Every Little Birdie says

don't miss this great chance to
shop till you drop!!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Loot Shoot

In my last POST
I promised to show you
what I bought
at the Warrenton/Roundtop Antique Fair.......

I found this old quilt for $10.00
just what I needed for my hammock

It's a little worn but perfect to use outdoors
the pastel colors just shout "Summer time"!

I'm always on the lookout
for linens, lace, and hankies

couldn't resist these

Most of the vendors wouldn't bargain
 because the fair was just getting started

but I did end up getting a deal on two
large porcelain tubs

I bought the one sitting on the table top and the one on the floor
I already had the small one on the shelf

I don't know about you but I
have a thing for white porcelain


I bought these old keys

I paid $2.00 each for these....
I tried to get the lady to take less but she wouldn't budge!
....and these keys insisted they come home with me so what was a girl to do

and wait there's more.....

but for now I'm off to lay in my hammock
I'll share the rest of the loot shoot with you tomorrow.....

Friday, March 22, 2013

Early Birds

My friend and I headed out early Thursday morning
to Warrenton/Round Top

For two weeks in the Spring and again in the Fall
folks from all over the country emerge on this
quiet, peaceful countryside.......

The spring Antique Fair that lines the highways through out
 these parts doesn't really start till this Saturday
but we decided to be "Early Birds" and see if we could find anyone open

We found plenty of vendors that were willing
to let us browse their tents even thought
they were still setting up

.....and of course they were
more than willing to take our money!!

Is lusting over things a bad thing????

If so I'm pretty sure I'm in trouble

After our fun shopping experience
we took a leisurely ride home

.....when we saw a road less traveled we took it
and found some interesting sites

Not sure what this place was
but isn't it divine
loved the color of these poppies

and you know my love affair with old barns

we stumbled upon these ruins of
an old brewery outside La Grange

and to our delight the bluebonnets
were popping up every where along
the Texas Highways

Every Little Birdie says

In my next post I'll show you
what the "early bird" found
on this little countryside adventure

Monday, March 18, 2013

Unexpected Treasure

I was at my local thrift store the other day

Not looking for anything in particular

I started picking up little creamer pitchers
in various shades of white

Before I knew it I had a little collection

I think they look pretty on my kitchen shelf

They compliment my other
white pieces

I'm going with a friend to the Spring
Antique Fair in Warrington, Texas
later this week.....perhaps I'll find a few
more white pieces to add to my collection

Every Little Birdie says-
Don't you love it when you find
those little unexpected treasures.......
you didn't even know you needed
But you did!!!!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Spring time on the porch

There is a sign hanging
above my back screened door

It says-
"Heaven is a little 
closer on a porch"

That just about sums up how I
feel when I'm on my screened porch.....

It's a little bit of heaven!

As you can see
Every Little Birdie
welcome here!

We love to have our meals out here
Every thing taste better on the porch!

and there have been many fun games played
around this old table

What ever our reason for being out here......

sharing a good meal
drinking coffee in the mornings
relaxing with a glass of wine in the evening
having quite time
watching sunrise or sunset
having happy hour with the neighbors
entertaining with a concert on the porch
reading a good book
playing cards or domino's
or watching the deer and birds

Every Little Birdie says-

It's always more fun on the porch!!!
partying over at Our Home Away from Home