Friday, January 15, 2016

Playing House

That's what my hubby calls it
when I rearrange things in my home
Tonight I had a little time on my hands
so I decided to swap out two tables
Move my Singer Sewing Table
to the living room
and make a sitting area
(with my side table from the living area)
in the guest room
Cozy little corner of the guest room
My sewing table in the living area
I used an old window for the top

You don't have to go shopping
and spend money to
change things up in your home


Every Little Birdie says

I love changing up my nest!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


 This post is about my sweet friend Carol
We don't live close
but when we spend time together
I always get my socks blessed off!!
Here's a few words that define her:

showing consideration for the needs of other people
"she was attentive and thoughtful"

"how very thoughtful of you!"
displaying kindness and concern for others.
"a caring and invaluable friend"
feeling or showing love or great care.

She is always thinking of others. 
I admire that so much about her.
She often surprises me with little gifts. 
She'll say "Oh I thought of you when I saw this"
 We spent time together over the holidays and again she surprised me with the sweetest, most thoughtful gift!

A birdie towel with my special little blog saying

She found this cute little towel and
then embroidered it with a special message

(Because she's oh so talented and an excellent seamstress)

I love my thoughtful, caring friend
Thanks Carol !

Every Little Birdie says


Monday, January 11, 2016

2016 - A New Start and Some Changes

Happy New Year!!
The tree is down (finally), the decorations are put up.
We've celebrated the New Year with a bang!!
(Thanks to our dear friends, the Paonessa's,
who hosted a great party)
 New Year Resolutions have been made
(I start partnering with a neighbor
on a new exercise schedule tomorrow)
and yes, change is in the air......
After prayerful consideration I've decided
to close my booth @ Junktoria
Junktoria is a wonderful shop and I will miss all the great vendors and of course my customers!!

I found myself running in many different
directions in 2015 and to be honest
I began to lose my passion and joy

Towards the end of the year I attended a
Ladies Bible Study on Prayer. 
It caused me to slow down and
take time to really think about the things
I was pursuing in my life

I decided it was time to simplify 
You know the old saying
"Less is More"

I want to only do those things that
will make a real difference in my life
and the life of others

and I want to do it with a spirit of JOY!!

So for a while the Vintage Nest is taking a sabbatical
but I have no doubt that it will
resurface when the time is right

I will also be reflecting on my blog

What direction do I want to go in 2016

Do you ever feel like your posting just to be posting?
Sometimes I do

I love my readers and I so appreciate each of
you taking time to stop by and read my posts

My prayer is that I can share myself and my journey in life
in a way that is interesting, encouraging,
helpful, and FUN! 


Every Little Birdie says
Change can be a good thing!
What changes are you considering in 2016?

P.S.  I want to thank all my loyal readers for following my blog this past year. 
If you have any suggestions on posts I'd love to hear them.