Monday, January 11, 2016

2016 - A New Start and Some Changes

Happy New Year!!
The tree is down (finally), the decorations are put up.
We've celebrated the New Year with a bang!!
(Thanks to our dear friends, the Paonessa's,
who hosted a great party)
 New Year Resolutions have been made
(I start partnering with a neighbor
on a new exercise schedule tomorrow)
and yes, change is in the air......
After prayerful consideration I've decided
to close my booth @ Junktoria
Junktoria is a wonderful shop and I will miss all the great vendors and of course my customers!!

I found myself running in many different
directions in 2015 and to be honest
I began to lose my passion and joy

Towards the end of the year I attended a
Ladies Bible Study on Prayer. 
It caused me to slow down and
take time to really think about the things
I was pursuing in my life

I decided it was time to simplify 
You know the old saying
"Less is More"

I want to only do those things that
will make a real difference in my life
and the life of others

and I want to do it with a spirit of JOY!!

So for a while the Vintage Nest is taking a sabbatical
but I have no doubt that it will
resurface when the time is right

I will also be reflecting on my blog

What direction do I want to go in 2016

Do you ever feel like your posting just to be posting?
Sometimes I do

I love my readers and I so appreciate each of
you taking time to stop by and read my posts

My prayer is that I can share myself and my journey in life
in a way that is interesting, encouraging,
helpful, and FUN! 


Every Little Birdie says
Change can be a good thing!
What changes are you considering in 2016?

P.S.  I want to thank all my loyal readers for following my blog this past year. 
If you have any suggestions on posts I'd love to hear them.

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