Sunday, March 30, 2014

Texas Antique Show

My friend Judy, my sister,
and me....
we all hit the road last Thursday
headed to the

Spring Antique Show
in the Round Top/ Warrenton area

It was a beautiful drive
The Blue Bonnets and Indian Paint Brushes 
were making their debut along the 
Texas Highways

Got to love Texas in the Spring!!

 We arrived ready to SHOP
 and so did a few other thousand people


 Oh yea, let the junking begin.......

It's a bit over whelming but we
were up for the task

shabby delights around every corner

Can you say Heaven on Earth

...and then the rain started
and we got out our umbrellas
and continued on....

I like the way this dealer
color codes her displays

 Isn't this a cute way to use 
your old silver

We're walking, we're shopping,
we're looking, we're buying!!!

After a full day of shopping my sister and I 
headed to our hotel room in Brenham
for a little R&R
and then shopped again on Friday!

We stopped at Pie Haven in Round Top for a bite of lunch
 That's right - Pie for lunch
(hey, life's short)
and then on down the road to 
Junk Gypsy

 They were having the grand opening
of their new headquarters

 We did eventually hit the shopping wall
and decided it was time to head home

but you can bet we'll be back in the Fall
for the next ANTIQUE SHOW

Every little Birdie says
  Don't miss my next post
where I will show you all
the good stuff we bought!!! 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Two Dollars, Well Spent!

Sometime ago I found a door
(that once belonged on a large cabinet)
leaning up against a wall
in a thrift shop

I asked if it was for sale
She said "Oh I guess so, how about $2.00?

I grabbed it as fast as I could!

I didn't know what I was going
to do with it, but I knew it
had lots of potential


Today I used it to make a shelf 
in my booth space

 I added two brackets on each end
and presto.....a shelf!

 I think it looks pretty good in my space

It may be hard to tell but it has
a glass insert within a wood frame
and an old handle on the door 

It may have stood in my closet
for 6 months, but it finally
found it's purpose

Also, while out junking yesterday
I found an old table that had
great style but the top needed a coat of paint
and the bottom part needed some TLC
and a little glue

(of course I don't have a before picture)

 I painted the top with Annie Sloan Old White paint
and gave it a coat of dark wax

this picture doesn't show the top very well 
but it turned out really pretty

the table is from the early 1940's and has a shipping
label on the underside that shows it was
shipped to Foster Air Field in 1944
(Foster Field was an old air base in Victoria during WWII) 

the booth is filling up

If you are local please stop by
Good Old Days Antique Mall 
and check out "The Vintage Nest" booth!!
(located on Crestwood, just off Navarro)

Tomorrow I'm off to Warrenton
Round Top for the Antique Show

Every Little Birdie says
    I promise to show you my loot shoot
in my next post

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Girl Friends are Best!!!

Don't you agree....

Girl Friends are the best!

 I went to visit one of
my girl friends recently

I wanted to take her a little
gift to say "thank you for being my friend"

I got out my crafting supplies
and came up with this.....

 dance like no ones looking

(industrial size pickle jar, old graphic, 
a little lace, a little ribbon, and
a marker to write a special message)

= girl friend gift!!!!
doesn't this look like a bunch of
girls sharing a fun time together

(OK, there may have been  a little 
wine drinking involved)

Every Little Birdie says
 Girl friends are such a special blessing!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Love Story

I had a couple of old windows
out in my garage

I decided to clean one of them up
and make it into a wedding sign

FIRST - I got all my stenciling stuff out

SECOND - I started my lettering
I used a hair dryer to speed the paint drying time

  I used three different stencil fonts
to add some interest to my sign

 I also stenciled leaves on the bottom
of the window frame and added
a bow on the top

finished product!!!

 It's sitting in my booth
just waiting for a bride-to-be
to come snatch it up!!

Every Little Birdie says
  What's your love story?

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Our Weekend

We took a road trip to 
Arlington, Texas
to visit our long time friends
Tom & Carol

Tom & my hubby love to cook.....

Friday night - Mexican Pork Chops w/ Carol's rice and beans
Saturday night - shrimp 

Steak and mushrooms w/ Carol's homemade onion rings 

Tom's wonderful sauce (he calls it gravy)
and delicious pasta

While the boys cooked
Carol and I worked up an appetite shopping!!

We shopped

and shopped

and shopped some more......

and yes, I bought and bought
and bought some more!!

found this old hat

an old book
a pretty vase
some blue & white plates
and a "french" tin box

Another vintage hat
a pretty pitcher

A couple of cute angels
holding a stand
some vintage glasses

a pretty little glass lamp
an old baby shoe
a tiny blue tea cup & saucer
Some old silver ware

We had such a wonderful weekend
with our dear friends

Cooking and sharing fellowship over
meals together
has always been our favorite
thing to do when ever 
we get together

Every Little Birdie says
Friends are such a great treasure