Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Side Trip

My last post was about our
trip to the Big City.....Dallas

On our trip home we take
Hwy 77 out of Waco

We pass through some delightful
little towns.....

One of them is La Grange

......if you haven't visited La Grange, Texas you must!!
they have redone their cute little square
downtown and there are wonderful
shops and eateries

Definitely worth a STOP!!

.......But the town we stopped in this time
was Schulenburg which is down the
road a bit from La Grange

Schulenburg has a beautiful nursery
that we have passed many times
and I always say "I must stop there sometime"

Well this trip hubby stopped in for a little visit!!!!

Isn't it pretty

After I roamed around outside
I ventured inside to take a look around
Oh my, more beautiful things.......

Even a few vintage things.......this is right up my alley!!!

Around one corner I found
a resident cat asleep
on an old ironing board.....
a charming little touch!!

.....and yes I did find something I
couldn't live without.....

A Queen Mum Agapanthus

I'm going to plant it in my front flower bed
The blooms are gorgeous, white with a hint of blue

I'll have to do a post when it starts blooming so you can see
how pretty they are.

So glad hubby pulled over
to let me visit this delightful
place in Schulenburg!!

 Every Little Birdie says.....

Don't miss the little side trips in life
they can be wonderful adventures!!!!


  1. The little side trips make the best adventures! Love those quaint small towns.
    Mary Alice

  2. What a delightful side trip! It would have been a shame to miss it!

  3. what fun ! good for you! I love your point about making small trips...just think all we are missing when we don't!!
    i am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  4. Hi Marsha,
    I lived in Schulenburg for 26 year and grow up in LaGrange so it was so wunderful to run across your blog today. I'm now living in POC Texas, so thats even more intresting finding out that your so close to me. I will be following you to see where you go next.

  5. Marsha, I love little side trips. I'm so glad your husband stopped so you could share this one with us. My dad always took side roads when we traveled as kids. One of the best gifts. I'm your newest follower. I found you at the Blog Hop. Hope you'll stop and see me at Quirky Vistas.


  6. I must get one of those agapanthus- all ours died last year in the drought. This one looks incredible. I'm always up for a road trip!