Saturday, May 12, 2012

Trip to the BIG CITY

Last Thursday we
left our country life
and headed north to Big D! 

Dallas, Texas

We packed a lot into our trip to the Big City

We arrived Thursday afternoon,
went over to visit Dan's mom
and took her to dinner.
Later that evening our son came to
our hotel to visit.
We sat out in the courtyard by the pool
and caught up on what's going on in his life,
very nice visit.

Next day, Dan had a business meeting.
After his meeting we went to
my daughter's and hung out
with her, my son-in-law, and
two grand kids.
Great to see them!!!

That evening Hubby took me out
to one of my favorite Dallas
Restaurants to celebrate
 our 38th wedding anniversary!!
But first we had to fight the Dallas traffic!!!!

Adelmo's is a tiny Italian Ristorante
in the Knox/Henderson area of Dallas.

It's one of our favorite
places to go for a special evening.

Isn't the atmosphere lovely?

Decisions, decisions.....What should we order???

We finally decided -
Soft shell crab sauteed w/ mushrooms and spinach for starters.....
Next, we both chose Osso Bucco w/ Risotto Rice for our entree
and a nice bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon
......we finished with yummy cups of cappuccino

A heavenly meal!!!!!!

Saturday morning we drove through Dallas to Rockwall
where my mom lives and took her out for Brunch.
My sister and her hubby were able to join us and we
had a lovely time.

So glad we got to see both our moms on this
Mother's Day Weekend.

But after seeing our family,
taking care of a little business on Dan's part,
and a romantic meal at one of
our favorite Dallas restaurants
it was time to head home!!

Good Bye "Big City"

Good Bye City TRAFFIC!!!!!!

Time to head SOUTH

We don't relax till we are
through Waco and out of the traffic
...but once we are on Highway 77
it's smooth sailing

to open roads.....

.......Open fields

                      ..... Open Sky's

 Time to soak in the beauty,
enjoy the peace and quiet,

 We are headed HOME!

Oh, and BTW,
My husband was sweet enough to make a stop
in one of the small towns we pass through and let
me shop a little........

But that's going to be in a future post!

Every Little Birdie says -

Don't forget to stop by again soon!!!
You wouldn't want to miss it.

Disclaimer:  Most pictures were taken out the car window
going 70 miles per hour.......Hubby doesn't slow
down for photo ops.

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  1. Thanks so much for your visit. What a nice compliment to say I look like my Mother. I'm told that quite often. She was a blessing straight from God! So blessed!

    Looks like you enjoyed your trip to the Big City!

    See you again soon!