Tuesday, October 30, 2012

One Man's junk

They say one man's junk
is another man's treasure

I popped in to the Re-Store
today.  If you are not familiar
it's a store where the building
contractors sale their
used or discarded materials

I found an old cabinet door
with mirrored design glass

It was dirty and pretty beaten up
but nothing a little love and paint
couldn't cure

I came home cleaned it up
scraped off some of the chipping
mirror design and painted the frame white

Five dollars and a couple of work hours
later and I have a beautiful new
wall hanging in my guest room

Every Little Birdie says-
I love my new treasure

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Monday, October 29, 2012

Black & White

Today was a black and white day......

a little white chalk paint
a little black board paint.........

I love the way my old drawer turned out

So pretty and shabby!!

This was my first time to make a blackboard
out of an old silver tray

I painted this large frame white and painted over the picture
with blackboard paint

It turned out great!!

Tomorrow I'll show you a few more
projects I'm working on

Every Little Birdie says-

Happy Monday!!
Hope you have a terrific week

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Birdie Love

Just a quick post

to share a little shabby bird love

with my little flock of followers!!

Every Little Birdie says-

Share the birdie.........
Hope your weekend was blessed beyond measure

Friday, October 26, 2012

Good for the Soul

We came home last Monday on
such a high from the wedding
Our spirits were soaring.......
but Tuesday morning brought us
back to reality

One of our dear friends at church was
killed in a motorcycle accident that morning

Thank goodness for our wonderful church family,
we have just wrapped our arms around each
other and our dear friend's wife and hung on!

Such a bittersweet time losing a dear friend
but also knowing he is in the very presence
of our Lord and Savior rejoicing and praising
God the Father

What a blessing for him, what a terrible loss for us

After I came out of my disbelief and fog
I began pouring myself back into my crafting and
I found it to be very therapeutic and calming

Here are some of the things I accomplished this week

Who knew.....crafting is good for the soul

I've had a lot of folks say - I would never know what to put on a wired frame......

So I decided to add a few "finished"
ones to my sale list for the booth

An old bottle with dried flowers, faux relatives
an old key......I think it might work for
those who'd rather have a finished product
I also colored some small mason jars
light cranberry and added a little trim

And look what I did with two old whiskey bottles
and no they weren't mine....I bought them at the flea market for $1.00

...... crafting kept my hands busy
as my mind wandered in thoughts of
my dear friend who lost her husband
and my constant prayers on her behalf

I thought I might add a few pillows to my booth

Here is my first try at decorating a pillow

I like the simplicity of this painted wine bottle

I thank the Lord for creativity and energy
even in dark times

We can never understand why these bad things
happen but I know without a doubt that God's
plan and will for each of us is perfect and holy

and in that I can rest my weary soul

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wedding Weekend Part II

Once there was a beautiful young woman
(beautiful inside and out)
who traveled the world pouring out her love on others
but never finding her one true love

After years of loving and serving the
people of Swaziland, Africa
she returned home to Texas.......but again she
continued to wander.......
first to Montana and then New York

It was in New York, in the tower of a castle
(for real - she rented a tiny apartment in the third floor tower)
that her one true love found her!

He decided it was his destiny to rescue her
from this dark, strange castle and bring her
back to her home, TEXAS!!

.........and the love story continues
on October 20, 2012
John & Katy were married
at this beautiful site
in the Texas Hill Country

My niece, the bride

Her Bridesmaids

The ring bearers and flower girls

My granddaughter handing out wedding programs


Beautiful Ceremony

Fabulous Reception

The bride and groom did all of these
unique decorations themselves

                             ....and there were lots of beautiful guests

Mother and Dad of the bride on left

Cousin love!!

Me and my mom, the Grandmother of the bride

It was a magical evening

and a beautiful beginning to 
John and Katy's new life

Every Little Birdie says-
I love a good love story......
Don't you????

Monday, October 22, 2012

Our "wedding" weekend Part 1

Our family gathered together this past weekend
for my niece's wedding

We all stayed at the Rock Street Retreat
in New Braunfels

The property is beautiful......

The Gruene Estate, built 1859

Want to see inside????

to the left is the cottage next to the house
this is where my sister's son and his cute family stayed

Let's peek inside.....

Cute and Cozy

Love this old tree on the property
It has a hollow the kids could crawl into

and did I mention there were longhorn's....

My mom feeding Lucky

After a fun day at Rock Street Retreat
we headed over to
Rancho Mirando
for the Rehearsal/dinner

This is one of the most beautiful venues
I've ever seen for a wedding

The perfect place for our
 beautiful bride to be
and her storytale wedding

Wedding cupcakes are ready

Red Roses have arrived.......

Everyone is ready for the wedding.....

Every Little Birdie says-

Come back and visit for the wedding post!!