Friday, October 26, 2012

Good for the Soul

We came home last Monday on
such a high from the wedding
Our spirits were soaring.......
but Tuesday morning brought us
back to reality

One of our dear friends at church was
killed in a motorcycle accident that morning

Thank goodness for our wonderful church family,
we have just wrapped our arms around each
other and our dear friend's wife and hung on!

Such a bittersweet time losing a dear friend
but also knowing he is in the very presence
of our Lord and Savior rejoicing and praising
God the Father

What a blessing for him, what a terrible loss for us

After I came out of my disbelief and fog
I began pouring myself back into my crafting and
I found it to be very therapeutic and calming

Here are some of the things I accomplished this week

Who knew.....crafting is good for the soul

I've had a lot of folks say - I would never know what to put on a wired frame......

So I decided to add a few "finished"
ones to my sale list for the booth

An old bottle with dried flowers, faux relatives
an old key......I think it might work for
those who'd rather have a finished product
I also colored some small mason jars
light cranberry and added a little trim

And look what I did with two old whiskey bottles
and no they weren't mine....I bought them at the flea market for $1.00

...... crafting kept my hands busy
as my mind wandered in thoughts of
my dear friend who lost her husband
and my constant prayers on her behalf

I thought I might add a few pillows to my booth

Here is my first try at decorating a pillow

I like the simplicity of this painted wine bottle

I thank the Lord for creativity and energy
even in dark times

We can never understand why these bad things
happen but I know without a doubt that God's
plan and will for each of us is perfect and holy

and in that I can rest my weary soul

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  1. I'm so sorry for your loss... I will keep you and your family in my prayers

    1. Thank you dear blog friend, that means a lot to me.

  2. Please accept my condolences. It's a terrible loss to us all when we lose someone so dear to us, but you know, you are right...he is in a much better place.

    Your crafts are beautiful.

    Tami xo