Sunday, March 18, 2012

Places to Putter Garden and Dream




"A potting shed has a special mood-
it's a place for nurturing, where you go
one-on-one with your plants as they grow."
                                         - Tovah Martin

When I'm in the garden I forget to count the hours....

In my potting shed
I'll want pots, lots of pots, in all sizes

In the shed, all things useful
are beautiful

My dream shed would have a place
to rest my weary bones
after a day well spent
in the garden

Oh to have a place, where one can garden
happily even on rainy days.......


The potty shed is the ideal place for the muddy fingered work
of transplanting young sprouts to
bigger pots and dividing perennials -Tovah Martin

I am never happier than when I have DIRT under my fingernails......

therefore what one needs most in a potting shed....
Running Water!!!!



I'll need a place to sit a spell.......

A Potting Shed is.......
an essential part of the garden....

and  Every Little Birdie says--

...someday I'm dreaming off having
one in my garden!

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  1. Hi, I am visiting from the House in the Roses. What a coincidence that we both did a post about dreaming. I have a potting bench, but no shed. I too am dreaming of one! I have a passion for gardening and totally understand what you mean about forgetting to cound the hours. I spent the entire day in the garden on Friday. Sadly, this old back paid for it a little the next day. Fine today though and it was so worth it. I love your post and the sheds are wonderful! Now a new follower.

  2. Visiting from House in the Roses also -- lovely pictures and dreams!

  3. Hi Marsha,
    Those little potting sheds are so cute! What a pleasure it would be to have any one of them in my back yard! I'm visiting from House in the Roses...Show Off Your Cottage. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your week.


  4. Yes, I would need running water in a potting shed if I were so fortunate to have one. I'll just keep gardening and maybe it will come. Thanks for sharing your beautiful, practical collection.

  5. Oh your images are beautiful! I have been wanting one for some time...keep hoping maybe this year! Love the church styled shed ...gorgeous and yes mine would have a place to rest my sore tired body too! Happy Gardening!
    Miss Bloomers

  6. How lovely! I have a friend who has a beautiful little "shed" in her back garden. I have always thought they were so quaint and special! Maybe one day I will have one too :)

  7. Thanks so much for joining the Hot Fun In The Summertime Party!That little shed with the steeple is darling!

  8. I am going to have to pin every single one of those as inspiration. Even if just to breath new life into my own little shed.


  9. Oh how lovely each of these are in their own way! I like the idea of a bed and table w/chairs! I want mine to have an outdoor shower.....

  10. I too would just love to have a potting shed but unfortunately , since my yard is so small, it would take of the whole yard....


  11. I love your potting sheds. Fabulous. Thanks for joining the Hot Fun in the Summertime party.