Monday, March 26, 2012

Flower Power

As most of you know, I love the Victoria Educational Gardens

Victoria Educational Gardens
It's just down the road and I love to take
guest to this beautiful place

One of my favorite events at the gardens
is their semi annual plant sale!!

Our home was finished last July and I
was so excited to go to the fall plant sale
I couldn't wait to start planting
in my new flower beds.  At the fall sale I bought two Texas Sage Bushes,
two Pink Salvias,
and two Butterfly Bushes. 
These plants have flourished
and are doing well.
I headed out last Saturday morning to the
Spring Plant Sale to buy some new plants.  
Here is what I found -

Next I spent some time deciding
where to plant these guys design is serious business
or as my little sign in the laundry room says
"Life is a game, but gardening is serious"

White flowers are black foot daisies

I found these black foot daisies
on the table marked "native plants"

 I added one of them to my galvanized tub,
to hang out with the
"Gold Star" Esperanza 
(which is NOT blooming at the moment)

I want it to look like this one at the Victoria Gardens
Gold Star Esperanza
I put the other daisy in a pot with
some asparagus fern.  If these little
daisy plants take off, as I think they will, 
I will probably move them to their
own place in the flower bed.

One of my favorite "buys" at the Plant Sale
was the "Mystic Spires Salvia" plants.
I bought three ($7.00 each, what a deal)......

here are two of them

and here is the other mystic salvia
cozied up to my Boston fern

I couldn't resist this beauty

the pink geraniums found a
spot in the wheel barrow next
to the fern

Asparagus Fern
and speaking of ferns
I bought this beauty
and used a large pot I had 
for it's home.

I also love the fox tail fern
so I bought this one to go
beside my other one
Fox Tail Fern
I like to scatter herbs through out my
beds.  It deters the deer because they
don't like the strong smells.
I found this "hot & spicy" oregano plant
which should do the trick
(plus be delicious in dishes I cook)

I've also added Rosemary around my beds.
It does very well in this sub-tropical area
and the deer hate it!!

It might be small now but check back next year, it will more than triple it's size
This is a "Summer Pastel Yarrow" plant-
the tag said it produces pastel flowers.
I had yarrow at my other house and loved it
so I decided to give this guy a try.
.....and this plant is called "Society Garlic"
It has pretty purple flowers.
I think I'll be buying more of this
and do a mass planting.
It's quite showy in numbers.

I also bought hubby two chilli pequin plants.
(He loves these hot little peppers),
and for myself-- two small "Indigo Spires Salvia" that will someday be quite beautiful, a couple of "Anne Marie" Lantana plants that should really take off and be quite large by summer and a lovely little plant called "Nicollata Plactranthus"
which I have never seen before but
liked the look of it and am willing
to give it a try.

Here is a little look around my garden -

Mini herb garden beside back door
handy for snipping herbs for cooking
Hubby gave me his old fishing bucket for a cute planter
That's Ivy Geranium growing in it
My neighbor gave me this white Azalea plant
hopefully I'll see blooms soon

A big part of gardening is having patience.....
waiting for your new plants to flourish 
and fill out.  I'll have to post again in the fall
to show you what my beds look like then.

Meanwhile, on to the next big project.....

Grass for our yard!!!!

And then pave stone walk ways......

It's a good thing we love working outside
because there is lots of work to be done.

Every Little Birdie says-

 Happy Gardening

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  1. Love all of your plants, thanks for the tip about planting strong smelling herbs. I will have to try that. I am very new to gardening, but learning something new every day!

    -Kim :)