Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring Break in Victoria

I had a crowd show up at my house
for Spring Break

First there was one....
My son from the Dallas area
First thing he did, set up his computer
to download childhood pictures
for his Facebook Timeline

Then there was two.....

My niece from Austin
i- phone in one hand, drink in other!!

Then there where Five!!!

granddaughter on her i-touch
niece on her i-phone
daughter and son on computer

How am I going to get these folks
to un-plug and enjoy 
"country life"


after dinner I suggested
they move to the back screened porch
for fun and games!!
a little chill in the air didn't stop these guys from having fun

A wild card game of "Dirty Uno"

Next day......

I swept them off to the
"secret gardens"

just a few miles down the road is an oasis of beauty......
take time to stop and smell the flowers........

Listen to the sounds of rushing water....

soak in the serenity

These three are enjoying the sights, smells, and sounds of the garden

but someone is still plugged in .....
a little i-pod time in the garden

We moved on to Riverside Park
this park in Victoria runs along the Guadalupe River

time to enjoy nature

Then home to feed the masses

Dan's shrimp, fish, sausage & crab GUMBO!!

I'll share this recipe with you in another post
It's a real crowd pleaser!!!

Day three we headed to Goliad
A little shopping

a little time to relax

In the "Hanging Tree" Antique Shop
we found some interesting things
musical instruments.....
...... phones that you dial
and phonographs with needles!!!

I explained these were before i phones and i pods

A little history around every corner....

And what's Spring Break
without a trip to the

Port Lavaca Beach

and lastly a little time
just enjoying the great outdoors!!

Now they are headed home
back to their busy "Electronic Life"

Oh well........ the country life will be
patiently waiting for their

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  1. Looks like a good time was had by all!!!

  2. This looks like it was so much fun, We have had some really good weather here in houston too.Thanks for sharing.