Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Curbside Finds

Yesterday I was in town
and while driving through a residential area
 I passed a house with a card table 
full of "stuff" sitting curbside...........
I immediately turned around
and came back to take a closer look!
Liking what I saw I went to the door,
knocked, and when a man answered
I asked -
"Is this stuff for sale?"
 $7.00 bucks later
look what I drove away with........
a beautiful candelabra
And two pretty table cloths
Not bad for a little curbside shopping!

Every Little Birdie's motto:

Sunday, July 20, 2014

A different look

I've had this grey buffet in my booth
for a while now

It's painted with Annie Sloan French Linen paint

It hasn't sold so I decided
it was time for a change

I added a stencil affect to dress it up a bit

I used my Martha Stewart
adhesive silkscreens
with a little acrylic craft paint

I applied the paint with a small
 sponge applicator

All of these supplies are available
at Hobby Lobby 

So what do you think???

Will the change result in a sale???

Every Little Birdie says
 Only time will tell..........


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Got Power???

A few posts back I promised
to show you the "finished" desk,
once I moved it into my booth space....

Remember when it was in 
the garage and looked like this??

A little drum roll please.............

Finished desk w/ chair to match!!

Note:  This piece was in such bad shape
I finally broke down and bought a
random circular sander 

a.k.a. -POWER TOOL

Wow I love it!!

It had this desk looking nice 
and smooth in no time 

Every Little Birdie says
If the Junk Gypsies can use
power tools, then so can this little birdie!!

Monday, July 14, 2014

But Wait There's More!

More Inventory in my
Vintage Nest Booth

Here are some of the new items

 Oh so shabby lamp shade

 Just hanging around........

a great wire/burlap basket 

Vintage Coffee Pots
great decor for your kitchen!!

A few new white pieces
 A vintage birdcage
with a shabby chandelier....
who could resist?

Every Little Birdie says
 Are you ready to shop????

Friday, July 11, 2014

Friday Night Fever

I'm feverishly working on some junk
this Friday Night!

Take a look at what I've
accomplished so far.........

I love embellishing these
old vintage kitchen items

I'm also painting the chair to
go with my blue desk

I'll be moving it all to my
booth this weekend!!

Every Little Birdie says
 What are you up to this Friday night?

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Busting Out!!

Recently I was at a local flea market
and on one of the display counters
there was a beautiful bust 
 (you know, the roman goddess kind)

They were using her to display
 jewelry that was for sale

I noticed that on the back of the bust
it said - "Display, Not for Sale"

Well I was quite smitten with her
so I asked the sales lady
"Are you sure you don't want to sell her?"

And to my surprise she said-
"I got her at Hobby Lobby - 66% off!!"

Girlfriend you know where 
I was headed next!!

 Isn't she striking.....

 I added a bow in her hair
 some of my vintage jewelry
and a couple of antique watches

She found a place of honor in the corner of my guest room

Every Little Birdie says

 Have you ever decorated
with a bust?

Sunday, July 6, 2014

By Request

I finally sold my Annie Sloan
"Duck Egg Blue"
Vanity & chair last week

 As sometimes happens it sat in my
booth for months
and all of a sudden three ladies
wanted it at the same time!

I received a call from the shop-
"The other ladies want to know if
 you are going to be doing a similar piece
anytime soon"
I knew I needed to get out there, start looking
and finish something ASAP!

Well as luck would have it
last week I found this cute desk at 
the Salvation Army
 It had good bones but needed a lot of work

I used liquid putty to fill all 
the holes, dents and deep scratches

I gave it a primer coat....

Then I started mixing paint colors until I 
got the paint color I wanted


I gave it a couple of coats of paint
distressed and waxed it and
added some new knobs

As soon as I finish a matching chair
to go with the desk, they will be taking 
a trip to my booth

and I'm hoping one of the ladies
that missed out on the vanity
will fall in love with this new "blue" piece!!

Every Little Birdie says-
 Check back to see my next post....
The finished project in my booth space!