Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Today we said goodbye to our precious
little dog Pixie
Long haired apple head Chihuahua
She filled ours lives with joy and happiness
for eight years
She was a tiny dog with a BIG personality
we often referred to her as
"boss of the world"
because she thought she was in charge of everything
She loved patrolling her 3 acres 
making sure everything was in order

Or finding a sunny spot on the driveway

She was a great traveler and joined us
every where we went

Everybody loved Pixie!
Pixie with Granddaughter
and Pixie loved everyone
but she loved us best!
Life will not be the same without you
and we will miss you very much
Goodbye sweet Pixie Pie
Cancer may have taken your life
but you'll live in our hearts forever 


  1. Aw, my heart is heavy for you. We lost a precious furbaby in April, and it was so hard. It takes your breath away, that's for sure. It looks like sweet Pixie was loved and had a wonderful life. Prayers for you during this hard time. Jane

  2. Our Dear Friends,
    We KNOW this loss and it is deep. What WONDERFUL owners God gave to Pixie and how BLESSED she was in her last years in the little kingdom you gave her. We will be praying for your hearts! Miss you SO!
    The Kinders

  3. Good morning Marsha, I am sorry Pixie had to leave us so early. She was a sweety and we will all hold the memories of her dear. You did a beautiful job with the blog to honor darling Pixie. janie

  4. I'm sorry for loss-- I can tell she was a big part of your life.

  5. Losing our special family members is one of the most difficult things we go through. Since we were not blessed with human babies, our pets have become our kids and it's so hard to let them go at the end. No matter how much we grieve, I would never give up the love they give when they are here.

    patty - your neighbor to the north in Castroville

  6. Thank you dear friends for your warm and comforting words. They touch my heart and ease my sorrow.