Friday, May 31, 2013

The Birds and the Bees

.....and the butterfly's too

they love my summer flowers

 The Hummingbirds are humming
the bees are buzzing
and the butterfly's are fluttering

It's a busy place around here!!

Every Little Birdie says
and I'm so thankful these guys
do not like my summer flowers...

for now they are staying on the back of our property
and that suits me fine

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Now I lay me down to sleep

 Sweet dreams at Birdie's Nest....
(Peep Tight)
 I love to mix things up using floral
and solids in different colors

 The crochet spread at the foot of my bed
was made by my Aunt Ola Mae
It's one of my very special treasures

Guest Bedroom
I love using the white bedspread 
with the bold accent colors

This room just says "happy" to me!!
I love it's whimsical look

and you know I love the
French Country Style

 .......simple charm

Every Little Birdie says

Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

We spent an extended Memorial Day Weekend
in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area
visiting family and friends

......Well, visiting and SHOPPING!!!!

I love to hit the thrift stores, Salvation Army store,
Goodwill, and various Antique shops when we
come up this way

I thought I'd take you along on my
visit to a couple of the antique shops

 This was an antique mall in Grapevine, Texas
and I was in heaven roaming around
taking in all the fabulous charm

are you drooling yet????

This booth was filled with beautiful 
items to use in crafting

 French silk ribbon & the cutest homemade tags

and when I saw these I thought to myself
I can do this!!!!

Next, the Brownstone in Arlington, Tx

This place is magical.....

I'm sure your thinking, Oh MY, how much
of this fabulous stuff did she buy.....

Well I didn't actually purchase anything
from these gorgeous shops
but I did "steal" an idea or two 
that I might try my hand at!!

However, nobody loves a bargain more then me
so I did come home with some great loot
from the various thrift stores

I bought two of these little hangers and
the three hankies - total cost $6.35

and bargain of the day were these two pink and white 
pillow shams for $1.00 each and two
European pillow inserts for $4.00 each - yea!!
Thank you Salvation Army
.....Oh and also the little stripped pillow in front
with one of my hankies for extra cuteness

Now my guest room has a fresh new look

I found these two ironstone pieces separate
but I decided they looked good together!
-the poor butter dish lid had lost it's bottom
but now it's complete again

and they look great on my kitchen
shelf with my other white dishes

 this cute wire book stand for $3.00

AND I love this GARDEN STYLE book
for $2.00 (original price $25.00)

It's filled with beautiful inspiration for
decorating inside and out

 another addition to my guest room

Every Little Birdie says
 Hope your Memorial Day weekend
was full of fun memories
Mine certainly was!! 

and God bless all our troops, veterans
and the men and women who laid down their lives
so we might have freedom.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Burlap Coffee Sacks

I did a post back in March
about my trip to the
Warrington/Round Top Antique Fair

Lots of the booths had
these burlap bags for $2.00
They seemed to be the hot item!

I decided to buy two of them
even though I had no idea what
I was going to do with them.......

they must be good for something...right?

.....earlier this week a light bulb went off

and presto I have a new look
for an old stool.......



Does anyone have ideas on how
I could use the rest of my burlap bags?????

I'm signing off for a few days
but when I return I'll show you
our next project......

and what we are doing with 29 of these

Every Little Birdie says-
See you next week