Monday, May 20, 2013

So Me!!

Here's a little about me that maybe you didn't know.....

I'm in love with galvanized containers

I love to collect old bottles

I'm a frilly girl
and I love boutique clothes

I'm mad about old linens

Red Geraniums are my favorite flower

and Amazing Grace is my favorite song

Every Little Birdie says-
Tell me something about you!!!!


  1. We have lots in common and I just learned 5 new things about you!


  2. Got Geraniums :) janie

  3. Nice to learn more about you! Let's see, some things about me. I love the color pink. Dogs are my favorite animals. I prefer unconventional clothing like you do. I have a very silly and wcky sense of humor and always love to make others smile. I find planting flowers relaxing-pulling weeds infuriating. I think that quiet times to reflect upon and be thankful for the day are under-rated. More people should try this before going to bed. There, that's a bit about me! Aren't you thrilled? LOL Hugs, Leena

  4. Nice things to know - I also love galvanized *anything* lol and red geraniums. I also hoard, er, collect (yeah, that's it, collect!) enamelware ... someday I'm going to have an awesome garden with all my galvanized and enamelware pots .. it would help me get there if I purchased some plants ;-)