Thursday, May 9, 2013

Do Over

In a previous post I showed you
a new feature on my screened porch

some of you commented on
how much you liked it

Thank you, but unfortunately there was a problem...

.....the outside humidity didn't work
well with my banner -

Sad but true it was time for a change.....

So instead I hung the remnant of fabric
I found at the Round Top Fair
and added some of my old
key collection to the display

It's different to be sure......
but I think I like it
and it will definitely work
better than the banner

Now a little news about my outside
patio makeover

I told you we were waiting for hubby's wood rack
well it arrived today -- that's the good news
the bad news is it was defective and after
a call to Home Depot we are now waiting
on a replacement

The reveal of the new and improved outside patio
will probably have to wait until next week


but the exciting news is I will announce
the winner of my  GIVEAWAY  tomorrow!!!!

Every Little Birdie says

Check back tomorrow for
the BIG announcement !!

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