Thursday, June 28, 2012

ASCP project

Yesterday I found some
spare time and soooooooo
I got my can of
"Old White" Annie Sloan paint out
and started a new project

I found an old brown frame that needed
a little shabby chic update

Gave it a coat or two of
the "old white" AS paint
glued an antique key at top
glued a small birdie tile in the center
added some of my old England pictures

This old photo is of my English family
having a picnic at the beach

and this one is a photo of the old mill on the river
in Wareham, England where my grandparents lived

Precious memories
of times past

I also painted an old candlestick
and made a stand for my
bird nest

found these little word stamps
at my local antique shop
perfect for my nest!!

.......and what's a nest without a birdie

I love how my little
afternoon project turned out

Every Little Birdie says-

You never know what's getting
painted white around my nest!!!!

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Jar Crazy

Have I mentioned that I'm
crazy for jars?????

We don't throw away any
empty jars around here

I save them, clean and de-label them
and then start decorating

Here are two of my latest creations
A little lace, a vintage label, pretty ribbon..........

Makes a pretty presentation
don't you think???

I painted an old candle stick and glued on a pretty
little dish for the peddle stool

Add a battery candle for a
soft glow

Scrap lace, vintage music paper, hobby lobby key and key hole charms

You never know where these recycled 
jars might show up around my "Nest"

Every Little Birdie says-

Decorating with used jars
is easy, cheap, and oh so fun!!!!!

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Birdie's House

I've had some requests
for a post
with pictures of the outside
of  Birdie's house

so here you go......

Let's walk around to
the back

That's Birdie's
South Texas ....

Every Little Birdie says -

Friday, June 22, 2012

Great Find

There is a small antique place
off Highway 59 in Victoria
called Grumpa's

I don't visit it very often because his
inventory is usually pretty much the same......

but the other day I decided it was
time to make a stop and
boy am I glad I did!!!!!!!

Take a look at my GREAT FIND!!!!

This gateleg drop-leaf table had already been
painted "Shabby Chic" white

I brought it home, cleaned it up, and
distressed it a bit more for a little shabbier look

What a great find!!!!

It was originally $100.00 but I got it for $75.00!!!!!
Woo Hoo!!!!

It will be great to use for a game table
or an extra table to seat guests
for a meal.

For now it's going behind my couch
as a sofa table

Don't you think it looks great!!

Every Little Birdie says -

I love a great find - don't you!

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A peak

I thought we'd take
a peak at my summer garden

.....some of you may remember
when I stopped at the cute
little nursery in Schulenberg, Texas
and bought my

"Queen Mum"

It's from the Southern Living
plant collection

well it's doing great, take a look

The blooms are gigantic!!!!

I need to take another side trip and get more of these

This is my African Blue Basil
It's a fast growing ornamental herb
and it works great in cut flower arrangements

Here is one of my latest
additions to my flower garden
This low growing bush does great
in our sub-tropical area

My butterfly bush is blooming like mad!!!!
And yes, the butterflies really do love this plant

the Boston fern is loving it's spot
it gets the evening sun
which makes it very happy!!

My Dad's old tub is over flowing with
happy plants

I even rescued this prickly pear catus,
My hubby was going to mow it down
It's now a happy camper in it's pot in my garden

Nothing makes me happier than to go out
in the evening, when the sun is setting
walking around hand watering my plants

Every Little Birdie says-

One is nearer God's heart in a Garden
than anywhere else on earth

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Old and New

As most of you know we've had
our grandchildren for a couple of weeks.
We had a great time and
packed in  LOT'S of fun
but now they are home and 
my house is too quiet......... I decided I would take time to do a quick post 

Just thought I'd share a
few new (or not so new)
decorative things around my nest

My mom bought us this cute little birdie
to hold notes, cards, recipes......

Don't you love his tarnished look

He is a great addition to my "Birdie Collection"

I found this cute sign at
one of the little shops on the square
in Goliad, Texas

Below the word BLESSINGS it says-

grow old with me...the best is yet to be

Isn't it pretty

.....and last I will share a treasure I found
at Evelyn's Antiques in Schulenburg, Texas
(one of my side trips)

I found this brown vintage bottle
on a dusty shelf for 75 cents!!!!
(that's right 75 pennies!!!!)

OK, it didn't have the label on it and
there was a crack running up the front

But still - what a bargain!!!!!!

I found the vintage label on
"The Graphic's Fairy" website,
pasted it on with a little mod podge
and guess what?????
You can not longer see the crack......
Just a darling vintage bottle!!!!

Every Little Birdie says -

I love feathering my nest!!