Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Grands

Our grands are at
Nana and Papa's Nest
for a summer visit

Here's what we've been up to.....
We made a trip to the Victoria Public Library
and stocked up on books for my little bookworm

We stopped by the dollar store
it's one of their favorite things to do!!!!

We went to the Victoria
Texas Zoo

Even though they are getting bigger
they still love the zoo

Here's what we saw
A Tiger!!!!
A Female Peacock
and her handsome mate

A Coyote
A Lion
Avery and this guy had
a thing for each other
(Snacks were exchanged for a kiss)
Trace really like this guy
(Monkey see monkey do)
and they loved being up close to the deer
They loved their day at the zoo

One day we went to the
Victoria Educational Gardens

Avery brought bread to feed to the fish

and Trace brought a "play" gun....never know
what dangerous creatures you might run into at the gardens!!!!

We saw lots of pretty flowers

I also put them to work

Avery worked inside
while Trace helped me outside with
some gardening chores

and we went to the beach

We took a boat ride
and did a little fishing

We saw the Lydia Ann Lighthouse at Port Aransas, and
also lots of dolphins while we were on our boat ride

Trace gets a little fishing advice from Papa

We went to the Aquatic Center
in El Campo with my neighbor
and her grandchildren
the girls were close in age and really enjoyed
playing together
and Trace was so good to entertain Patton (5)

They loved the big, long, curvy slide
and the ropes
They had a great time at this
indoor swim park

Later this evening we are going
over to my neighbors
for hot dogs
and more fun time with her

Trace and Avery are having a great
time at "Nana" camp as they like to call it.

There is more fun planned for the
rest of the week
and then their mom and dad will
meet me in Waco Saturday to
do the "SWAP"!

Grands are great and Papa and I
are loving our time with them.

Every Little Birdie says -
God really does save the best for last!!!
Grands are the best!!!!

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  1. You guys are the MOST fun Nana and Papa ever!!! Loved the pics and freaked out a little at how huge my 13 year old is in that lawn chair, lol! He's getting so big, it's sad!