Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sit a Spell

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My inspirations come from my quite time
on my porches.......

I can remember my mom telling my Dad, after working all day in the yard -

"Why don't you come
up on the porch and "Sit a Spell"

It's a good ole southern saying meaning -
to sit down, rest, relax, refresh

Let me show you where I like
to sit a spell at my country home

My front porch

This is my favorite place
to sit for short periods of time.
Maybe I'm exhausted from
working in my flower beds
or I just want to catch the sun
setting in the early evening.
Often when I'm out on my
front porch neighbors will wave
or even walk over and have a
sit with me

I love to decorate my bench beside the front door
it's always changing with the seasons and my mood

Now let's move to my
back screened porch

We like to have our morning coffee out here
listen to the birds, maybe see a few deer
It's also a fabulous place to unwind in the evenings
with a glass of wine

This is our favorite place to entertain guests

It's a great place for casual meals
or playing cards or games
with family and friends

I created this little sitting place
out of a folding chair, a frilly pillow sham,
an old pillow and my grandmother's
hanky secured in place by an
old broach

I stacked these two little
stools for a place to sit your drink

I love to pick my wild flowers and
place them around the porch in little vases

got to add some birdie love around the porch

I'm having a girls weekend
the first week of May
The event is called

"Party on the Porch"

I can't wait for my dear friends
to come spend time
on my porch

Every Little Birdie says -

Why don't you come up on the porch
and "sit a spell"

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  1. LOVE the screened porch, Marsha! Looks like a nice place to take a nap or even sleep at night, at least until it gets too hot!

  2. I would love to come sit for a spell! Your porch looks so inviting and friendly.
    Mary Alice

  3. So beautiful and inviting. Love the little stools and all your accessories. Looks wonderful!!

  4. Sure looks inviting, and relaxing!

  5. Love your pictures. I'm having porch envy. Maybe I should just go buy a pair of rockers for myself...

  6. Love your porch--I would be out there all the time!

  7. I love your porches as well. The back one looks perfect for entertaining. But I think I love the front one best.

  8. Your porch is so beautiful and inviting! Great inspiration!