Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wedding Weekend Part II

Once there was a beautiful young woman
(beautiful inside and out)
who traveled the world pouring out her love on others
but never finding her one true love

After years of loving and serving the
people of Swaziland, Africa
she returned home to Texas.......but again she
continued to wander.......
first to Montana and then New York

It was in New York, in the tower of a castle
(for real - she rented a tiny apartment in the third floor tower)
that her one true love found her!

He decided it was his destiny to rescue her
from this dark, strange castle and bring her
back to her home, TEXAS!!

.........and the love story continues
on October 20, 2012
John & Katy were married
at this beautiful site
in the Texas Hill Country

My niece, the bride

Her Bridesmaids

The ring bearers and flower girls

My granddaughter handing out wedding programs


Beautiful Ceremony

Fabulous Reception

The bride and groom did all of these
unique decorations themselves

                             ....and there were lots of beautiful guests

Mother and Dad of the bride on left

Cousin love!!

Me and my mom, the Grandmother of the bride

It was a magical evening

and a beautiful beginning to 
John and Katy's new life

Every Little Birdie says-
I love a good love story......
Don't you????

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  1. And they lived happily ever after... Katy