Sunday, May 6, 2012

Party on the Porch

NCH Farm Weekend
Victoria, Texas

For those in blogland let me explain -
"Farm Night" is an annual get together
for a great group of women
that have worked together
throughout their careers

Farm Night started many years
ago on Pat's Farm and continued through
the years......

Many of us are now retired and scattered
around the country but we still gather once a year for "Farm Night"

"Farm Night" has grown to "Farm Weekend"
We've met in New Orleans at Amy's, Arkansas at Lori's
New Braunfels at Janie's, Weatherford at Judy's

......and this year 

Victoria at Marsha's

The girls arrived Friday afternoon......

Everyone got their beverage of choice
in their Blue Solo Cups and headed
to the porch

But it was a little warm
and yes, the humidity was
a little high so we
headed out to what
we like to call the
"red neck patio"
someday it's going to be our cooking pavilion
but for now it's a slab of concrete

OK, this is better.....
a cool coastal breeze, birds singing, trees lightly swaying

While my guests were
relaxing I headed in
to prepare some
yummy appetizers

and they continued to.....
enjoy the laid back
country life

We continued to party outside
until dark and beyond......

It was the weekend of the Super Moon!!
 the moon was extra close to the earth
and it was so bright and beautiful

But we finally decided to move
 to the screened porch to play games!!
(Playing games on Farm Night is a big tradition.....
just having fun, nothing too serious.....
well maybe there was one person that
was a little competitive.)

We started with Mexican Train
a domino game
Some one who had never
played domino's before
was a run away train!!!!!!!!

then we moved on to Taboo

When our brains got too tired to play any longer
we all headed off to bed

The next day we decided to take
a trip over to Goliad
for some shopping and

Goliad has a beautiful courthouse
surrounded by a darling square
filled with cute shops and great places to eat

Pat and Janie in front of the SoHo Shop

A group shot in front of "the hanging tree"

Janie and Marsha resting while the
other girls finish their shopping

We stopped for lunch at
"The Hanging Tree" Restaurant

We shopped a little more
then headed back to

Before long it was time
for happy hour
on the porch

We were all having a great time
until Janie saw this 

outside the screened porch!!!!!

I grabbed the Daisy BB Gun
gave it to Pat, our veteran hunter,
and we hesitantly moved outside

First shot and the snake took
off climbing up a tree

We were all there giving Pat support!

We moved into teamwork
that snake was going down!!!!!!!!!

Sherryl gave it a shot!
It became apparent the BB gun wasn't
doing the job, so I retrieved hubby's 22 pistol!
Finally Victory!!!!!
Pat shot him and he fell out of the tree!!
But wait, he was still moving.......
I retrieved more supplies
and our hero Pat finished the job
while Janie stood ready to help
if needed.

We've done a lot of wacky things
over the years on Farm Night
but never anything that got
our heart pumping like this!!!!!!

Oh my, time to return to the porch
and our wine time.

After some delish BBQ, a cookie or two,
or maybe a lemon bar we
continued to tell our stories and wind
down a bit.  It had been an exciting night!!

The next morning the men returned
from their fishing trip (Janie's hubby and mine)
They joined us for brunch

and then Dan & Janie
gave us a little porch concert

Janie is our singer and songwriter,
and we all enjoyed her songs.

It was a lovely finish to a
great "Farm Weekend"

We had hubby take one
final group shot before
they headed North!!

Yes, Pixie was one of the girls
and she fit right in and had
a great time with the ladies

Thank you "Farm girls" for
a wonderful weekend
and lot's of great memories

Before they left, the girls surprised
me with a gift they secretly bought
on our shopping trip to Goliad......

I just love my little sign
I'll be hanging it over the back
screened door on the porch.

Dian, Judy, Lori, Amy, Karen, Deb, Traci
you were all missed very much....
but don't worry we drank your share
of the wine so nothing went to waste!!

Every Little Birdie says-

There is no treasure better than


  1. This is great!!

  2. What a fabulous time you all had! You are lucky to have this circle of special friends. The world would be a better place if every woman had a group like this. Congratulations to all for your long-lived friendship.

  3. Looks like a great time was had by all.It's so nice that you are so close with your friends. Thanks for sharing