Tuesday, March 18, 2014


I found a gorgeous
set of Waverly Country Life
Red Toile drapes at
one of my local flea markets
Four lined drape panels
w/ valance and two pillows
S C O R E!!!!
I brought them home
and put three panels 
in my French Country
guest bath as a shower curtain

I can't decide if I like them
better than my other 
very cute shower curtain

Can you help me decide????



Which do you like best
Before or After????

Every Little Birdie says
  I need help making my mind up!!!


  1. I like them both, but I am a sucker red and toile, so my vote is your new find! Jane

  2. I like them both but I think that the red toile really brings the space to life! Who says you can't keep the floral one and change them out as you like? Quite a find! I'd love to find those curtains for my kitchen! Hugs, Leena