Saturday, March 9, 2013

Market Days on the Square

Goliad Market Days

My friend Judy and I arrived early this morning
to set everything up for my booth

It was our first time to set up the EZ tent by ourselves
and it wasn't very easy, but we did it!!!!

By 8:30 we had everything on display
and were ready for our customers

Wasn't long before the square was
full of people

We had a lot of traffic in our booth

Sells were going pretty well all morning

But come afternoon........

The wind picked up

I mean it really picked up

Tents started blowing down, merchandise
starting crashing

We moved all of our things down off the tables
and arranged them on the ground

By early afternoon the crowds started to dwindle
the wind was just too much for everyone

Vendors started to pack up
and we eventually did the same

I wish the afternoon had gone better
but overall it was a good day and I sold
a nice assortment of things

Every Little Birdie says-

I'm glad to be home from market
with a glass of wine in my hand!!!!

P.S.  Special thanks to my friend Judy for all her help.
She is a remarkable lady and I'm so blessed to
have her as a friend

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  1. Too bad for the wind. Glad it was a good day.


  2. New follower here. Glad you sold some things. Looks like a lot of wonderful items!

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  4. stumbled on your blog via the blog hop at:

    isnt it great to sale old items!!!
    i def need to do some spring cleaning so i can get rid of some things!

  5. Your booth space looked so nice. It's too bad that he wind took over the afternoon, but it sounds like you still had a good day overall.
    Thanks for linking this up to Saturday Sparks. Stop by Friday to see the Viewer Favorites.
    Have a Wonderful Day,
    Pieced Pastimes

  6. Shows can be so unpredictable. Glad it went well. Here's to many more.