Saturday, March 23, 2013

Loot Shoot

In my last POST
I promised to show you
what I bought
at the Warrenton/Roundtop Antique Fair.......

I found this old quilt for $10.00
just what I needed for my hammock

It's a little worn but perfect to use outdoors
the pastel colors just shout "Summer time"!

I'm always on the lookout
for linens, lace, and hankies

couldn't resist these

Most of the vendors wouldn't bargain
 because the fair was just getting started

but I did end up getting a deal on two
large porcelain tubs

I bought the one sitting on the table top and the one on the floor
I already had the small one on the shelf

I don't know about you but I
have a thing for white porcelain


I bought these old keys

I paid $2.00 each for these....
I tried to get the lady to take less but she wouldn't budge!
....and these keys insisted they come home with me so what was a girl to do

and wait there's more.....

but for now I'm off to lay in my hammock
I'll share the rest of the loot shoot with you tomorrow.....


  1. You got some great loot - I love the porcelain tub - and I just bought keys ( new but made to look old like yours - cheating I know )
    AND I'm insanely jealous of your hammock!

  2. Wow is it warm enough to lay in your hammock!

  3. Love the keys! And the quilt looks great. Love how you bring the indoors out. :) Katy

  4. Wow..those are some great scores! I have always wanted to go there. I adore your porch by the way! Happy to be following you via GFC and looking forward to more!

  5. The quilt is perfect for that hammock...I want to lay in it on a nice sunny day! You definitely found some great stuff!


  6. I swear I am going to have to rent a bus to go to Texas for the next fair! Love your treasures. We do not have big antique fairs like that around here. Beautiful linens!

  7. I love all your loot. Especially the keys!

    Have a Happy Easter!
    Linda at The French Hens Nest

  8. Thanks for linking up at Shabbilicious Friday this week Marsha. I really enjoyed this post.