Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Dream a little dream

Do you ever nap?

I do from time to time
.....when the mood strikes me

Sometimes when I'm having a busy day
I love to retreat to a quite place
and take a little nap.....
it re-energizes me for the
rest of my day

Speaking of naps.......

Here are some dreamy places
to take a little nap
.....and dream a little dream
Isn't this just too sweet

Oh my, how peaceful does this look

A swinging bed - how perfect is that!

or wouldn't this be a heavenly spot

 but my all time
favorite place for a nap
is a hammock

....... in my hammock
I can smell the flowers,
hear the birds sing,
and the wind chimes ringing in the distance,
I can feel the breeze
and see the tree branches
slightly swaying 

It's the perfect place to rest a weary body
and escape from the world
for a little while

Every Little Birdie says-

Where do you escape to
take a refreshing nap???

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1 comment:

  1. When my kids were little... I always would take a 10 min power nap when the napped. Just to keep fresh for the afternoon.
    Now that the Littles come every day...we have about 45 minutes of quiet everyday...I may nod off! ;)