Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Fun Date

Hubby took me on a fun date
this past Saturday

We went on a day trip to San Antonio
to shop and have lunch

 The main focus of our shopping.......

Cowboy boots for me!!!!!

First stop- the area around the Alamo
 There were some boots shops close
to the Alamo that we wanted to check out

One was in the landmark Menger Hotel

It's the Silver Spur Boutique - cute shop but no size 5 boots

 As we walked the streets around the Alamo
we saw some interesting sites
There was some kind of rally going on in front of the Alamo

and a group of tourists on these motorized things
But we were here to shop
so on we went

Shop after shop.....Nothing in a size 5
that struck my fancy

Finally it was lunch time
so we headed to our favorite spot
to eat in the Market area
La Margarita's 
the food is sooooo good here!

If you ever find your self in San Antonio
I highly recommend this place
You will not be disappointed!

After a delicious lunch we were ready to shop again
We headed over to the Alamo Quarry Market

A beautiful shopping center with a very 
special store......

  Lucchese Boots

Oh yea, I have finally found
boot heaven!

After trying on some very pretty boots
I finally made my decision.......

Calf Skin boots with a beautiful tooling design

 I am so in love with these boots!

Thank you honey for a very 
special day!

Every Little Birdie says -
  Boot shopping in the "Alamo"city
........a South Texas gal's dream 


  1. They are beautiful! I am a Native Texan and have never had boots. Keep thinking it's time to change that. :)

    Don't you just love to visit San Antonio?

  2. Well, I cannot compete with that. Guess I will just have to be happy with borrowing sometime.
    Relax Dan.......just kidding around. Love them and surely you will too for years to come. Janie