Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Naked Lamp

Isn't Pinterest great!!

I've pinned some of these cute
wire lamp frames

 Thinking someday I'll try this

Well someday came around...

While "flea" shopping today
 I found an old lamp for $1.00

........ I stripped it to the frame and
went to work

little french fabric
little burlap
little lace

I attached an old picture on one side
and a clock face on the other

It will go in my booth
but here is the question

Should I leave it on this lamp stand
or hang it separately in my
space somewhere????

If I leave it on the lamp stand
should I paint the lamp white????

Every Little Birdie says

What says you?????


  1. Paint it white but as you do, wipe some of the paint off...like an aging/antiquing technique.

  2. Thanks Karen, I'll try that.