Sunday, July 21, 2013

Another Era

Yesterday hubby decided to take us on a little road trip

He'd read about an old hotel in Palacios, on the Texas Coast
that sounded interesting

So we got up, had our morning coffee and headed out

Once we found Palacios we drove around
this sleepy little coastal town
until we found our destination

The Luther Hotel
built 1904

She's a well worn piece of history
with some great memories from another era

This is what the hotel looked like in it's hay day
when their guest lists included
American Presidents, dignitaries, and
Hollywood guests such as Rita Hayworth

President Lyndon Baines Johnson referred to it fondly
as the "White House of the South"

Jack, the Inn Keeper,
who is married to a Luther
was gracious to show us around

love this old phone booth in the lobby

View from the front door over looking the bay

Jack told us while we were in Palacios 
not to miss another point of interest 
La Petite Belle
A One Half Scale Replica of La Salle's Flagship
Located in the Port of Palacious 

He told us it was right across from Jesus on the Bay
 and he was right!!!

  After viewing these bits of Texas history
we were hungry and hubby had
a place in mind down the road in Matagorda

 He'd read about a five star chef from Houston
opening this restaurant and it got great reviews

but alas, it was closed for lunch on Saturdays
Boo Hoo

So we went down to the Harbor and had lunch at 
The Waterfront

I had a soft shell crab poorboy that was delicious
so all was not lost!! 

Our view from the Waterfront Restaurant

Every Little Birdie says
Post card of the hotel

Maybe next time we'll stay a night 
at this charming piece of history
The Luther Hotel

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  1. Oh what a nifty post- I love learning about areas that I have never seen....thanks for sharing!