Thursday, July 18, 2013

Last Night

It's been rainy here all week

last night, nothing on TV
couldn't paint or work out side
because of the rain

I got busy inside

here is a look at what I was up to

I rearranged some furniture
decided to use this luggage rack
to hold my small suit case
as a side table

Worked on my lamp a little more
added more strips

After some good advice
I have decided to paint the
lamp stand shabby white

I added some roses to this cute
"dress" vase I got at Hobby Lobby
80% off

don't you just love it

.......and last before I lost my
creative energy I did a little
crafting for my booth

worked on these Bridal Vases

and made a couple more fabric flower pins

Every Little Birdie says
Not bad for one night's work!!


  1. Such cute projects. I am loving that lampshade idea!

  2. All your projects are so cute! The lamp is cute...but I must say the suitcase luggage stand is adorable.
    I'm looking for something to put beside my bed as I gave my little dressing table away to my daughter. It was the perfect height for her sewing machine!
    So...a suitcase table might be just the ticket...I'm keeping my eye out for things I could RE-use rather than purchase...


  3. You were really busy! Love the table made from your suitcase! Too cute!

  4. Way to keep busy! Nice to see another Texas girl...

  5. So cute! Even the littlest projects can give a great feeling of accomplishment! Hugs, Leena

  6. When it's raining I never get that much done. Love your lampshade and the shadow box with the vase. Lots of interesting crafts.

  7. Popping from FNF. Your creations are darling!!! I love the lampshade!

  8. It's high temps or rain here too! Love your suitcase end table! I posted anchors aweigh pillow cases to Life on Lakeshore:)

  9. I so love the luggage piece...perfection!!! hugs...