Sunday, July 7, 2013

Exciting News!

Every Little Birdie
has found her
"Retail Home"

I'm joining Luanne at

There's lots of vintage charm
at this great shop

Just Shabby Enough
is the newest Antique shop
in Victoria, Texas
located at  1301 A North Navarro
(across from DeTar Hospital)

If you are local be sure to stop in
and have a look around!!

Over the next week I'll be setting
up my own space with my shabby furniture,
vintage crafts and repurposed items
My booth will be open
for business the middle of July

I plan on adding even more shabbiness
to this cute new shop
Hope to see you there!!

Every Little Birdie says-
I'm so happy that I've found my "Retail Nest"


  1. BEST of luck- and congratulations.

    I wish you every happy success with this new endeavor!

  2. That's wonderful! One of these days I *need* to get down to Victoria and poke around in tge shops. Many of the auctions I attend (in the hill country) I have heard the auctioneer mention that the sold item will be 'heading to Victoria' ... lots of good stuff has headed that way :-) Plus I hear it's a charming town to visit - Best of luck on your new endeavor!


  3. Congratulations and best wishes for much success!! Hugs, Leena

  4. How fun to have your own little retail space to decorate and create. I think it would be fun, but I am not ready for that type of committment.