Friday, July 26, 2013

Adding to my Vintage Nest

I popped into my 
booth space 
at Just Shabby Enough tidy it up a bit and add a few things

like this "Blessed" sign
I made from an old cabinet door
 my shabby lamp and the little stool
these fabric flower pins

I think there is a fine line between booth spaces
that are too cluttered and just cluttered enough

I'm hoping I'm still in the just cluttered enough range
What do you think????

.....and have I mentioned that the shop next door
is a wedding planner

I've made a few things for her shop too
and when I stopped by she had
them in the front window!!

I've started making these wine bottle vases
for reception center pieces

and here is my
"Here Comes The Bride"
sign made from an old wooden window

Which btw was a real steal from my fav flea market

Every Little Birdie says

Don't you just love it
when you find something that everyone else thinks is junk
and you can see the awesome potential it has!!!!


  1. Your booth/shop looks so great!
    I love the little fabric pins. Wouldn't those be cute on a lamp shade or pillows?
    I think they are adorable.

  2. Your booth looks just right! Love your items!

  3. I think that your booth looks perfect - not too busy or crowded at all! So neat that your wedding pieces made it to the front window! Hugs, Leena