Monday, January 9, 2012

I'm finally not just a follower!

I have had such a fun journey following all of your blogs over the past year.  They always delight me, entertain me, teach me and amaze me!!  Well I guess it's bout time I give YOU something to read.

Why "Every Little Birdie"?  Well, there is a couple of random reasons.  First I love getting craft ideas from every one's blogs.  I recently made some little musical birds using sheet music that I saw on a blog site I follow.  They are so cute and I've hung them from my chandelier in the dining room.  I love birds because I sit on my screened porch most every morning drinking my coffee and watching all the little birds coming to my feeders ( and the occasional deer strolling by).  The feeders are hung in my beautiful big oak trees.  I look out on God's creation, sipping my coffee and I am in total bliss.  I could sit there for hours if I didn't make myself get up and do something productive.  So the idea Every Little Birdie popped in my head when I was thinking about Blog names and it just stuck there!!

I will try to learn this blogging thing, post pictures of my crafts, my birds on their feeders, my dream home, etc.  Be patient with me.  I'm new to this blogging thing but I'm eager to join the blogger's of the world!

Off to take some cookies down the lane to welcome a new neighbor and then home to read my current book "Times and Seasons" by Beverly LaHaye and Terri Blackstock.  Till we meet again.......


  1. Great! Now that you have this, we don't have to talk on the phone any more!

  2. I love that you started a blog! I look forward to reading your thoughts and seeing your cute crafts :)I love you <3