Friday, January 20, 2012

Bird houses and cages and nest, Oh my!!!!

Hi, hope your week was great!  Have you been joining any of the blog parties this week.  I joined on "the French Country Cottage" and "the Picket Fence"  How fun is that???  A party on a blog!

OK, back to my blog.  How many of you like to collect things?  I've collected many things over the years.  My collections have changed over time.  I have always liked to collect tea cups and teapots.  I guess because of my English heritage.  Another thing I have collected over the years is Birdhouses.  Indoor and outdoor birdhouses, big and little birdhouses, all shapes and sizes, I love them all.  Most recently I've started collecting bird cages and bird nests.  (You might be gaining some insight into my blog name!) 

I thought I'd share a few pictures of my "birdie" collection.
Lots of "Birdie" love here

"Time Flies"
A collection of clocks placed in a birdhouse!

Simple but sweet.

Pop back in next week and
I will show you the rest of my "Birdie" collection. 

Mean while.......Don't forget to.......

Have a blessed weekend


  1. I've enjoyed catching up with your new life. It sounds as though you are certainly living your dream!

    1. Thanks Judy, I love my new life and enjoy sharing it on the blog. Become a follower!!

  2. Wonderful birdies. I like birds too. Your blog is great.

    1. Thanks, I checked out your blog and am now a follower! Very pretty house!