Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pretty Part of Texas

In my opinion the Hill Country
is the prettiest part of Texas

So last Friday we hit the road,
with my cousins from England,
and headed to Fredericksburg
to meet my sister and brother in law

First stop ......a beer garden for lunch

Then a drive around the Willow City Loop

and of course a picture in the bluebonnets

Love the rustic beauty of this area

We stayed at our favorite place
Settler's Crossing

it's on Luckenbach Road right outside town
Hubby and I stayed in this cute little log cabin

and the rest of the group
stayed in a beautiful historical home across the street

We spent a lot of time in the
pretty sitting area around back of their house

Our view from the patio was pure
Texas country with a few deer strolling
in from time to time to eat out of the feeder

We were here for two days and packed a lot
into our time.  A trip to the Wildseed Farm,
wine tasting at a local winery, dinner at
the Brewery, and of course shopping, shopping, shopping

Every Little Birdie says

Check back tomorrow to see pictures
of our fun time in Fredericksburg......

......and from Fredericksburg we traveled through the
beautiful wildflower hill country 
to New Braunfels...But that's another story,
for another day

1 comment:

  1. oh that setting is beautiful!
    I'd love to visit Fredricksburg...I've never been there but here it is wonderful.

    glad you were able to spend time with your family.