Monday, April 1, 2013


The British are coming
the British are coming.......

and we couldn't be more excited!

My cousins, Andy and wife, Anne,
will arrive this Thursday
to spend the month of April
with us on holiday

They are from the small village
of Charlton Marshall
in the county of Dorset

Let me show you around this quaint
English village

Sorry these pictures aren't better
I copied them off the internet

Andy says Spring is on hold in England
it is in the 20's & 30's with snow and rain

They can't wait to get to South Texas
where it's in the mid 80's!!

I may not be posting as much during April
but when we do something fun
or travel around Texas
I'll be sure to snap some pictures
and share them with you.

Every Little Birdie says

Cheerio for now

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