Monday, April 8, 2013

On Holiday

My cousin and his wife are
here visiting "on holiday"
from England

They arrived last Thursday
and we immediately started
getting about the job of having fun!!!!

We made a pitt stop at Papacitos in Sugurland, Texas
 on our way home from Houston Intercontinental
 for nachos and a cold beer!

Saturday night we had a
"burger cookout"
to introduce them to some
of our friends

(Sorry I was too busy having fun to snap any pictures)

and earlier that day we'd stopped by
the Victoria Gardens

Sunday after church we went
to the Pumphouse Restaurant
for brunch

We sat outside at a table over
looking the Guadalupe River
and as the English say
"It was very lovely"

and today we hit the beach

Magnolia Beach on Port Lavaca Bay

We pretty much had the beach to our selves

It was a very relaxing day

OK, Sara and Debbie, now you
know what your parents have been up to!

I promise to keep you posted on all our
fun adventures

Every Little Birdie says-

Ta Ta for now folks


  1. That looks like so much fun! I can't remember if I knew you were here in Texas. :)

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