Sunday, April 21, 2013

Life on the Ranch

One day we took Andy and Anne, our English relatives,
to visited my friend Charlie on the Reeves Ranch

This historical ranch has been in the
Reeves family for four generations

The ranch house that Charlie lives in
in over one hundred years old

Charlie loaded us up in his
pickup truck and gave us the
ranch tour explaining it's
history along the way

After a ranch tour we headed to
Charlie's famous community center
where he holds his party's and activities on the ranch

Charlie is some what of a collector
and there is lots to see in his 
community center 

There is even more room out on the pavilion
which includes a band stand

cowboy decor???

Our last stop was the ranch house

Charlie explaining his family history to Andy
Tour of the clock room

His Office

Yep, even his bedroom

Thanks Charlie for a great
Ranch tour!!

Every Little Birdie says

and that folks is life on the ranch

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