Sunday, April 21, 2013


We had a blast in New Braunfels!!

Let me recap.....

We hit town just in time to eat at Cooper's BBQ

Good dose of smoked meat for the Brits
After we'd settled into Greune Estate
we started getting ready for a special concert
by the Blooms held in an old opra house
downtown New Braunfels

Our dear friend Janie was one of the coordinators
and she had reserved a very special table for our family
We are the table right in front of the band stand!!

Janie snapped this photo of our family
We sat at the premier table
marked with a special sign
"Friends of the Queen"

The band was great and
rocked us right out of our chairs!!

When the sun came up Monday morning
we had something to celebrate......

Andy was one year wiser!

The perfect reason to party all day

Birthday cards over breakfast

A trip to Gruene Hall 
One of Andy's favorite places in Texas
Bellied up to the bar!

Doesn't Andy look smashing!

Later Dan & Janie did a little concert for us
while our dinner was cooking on the grill

Continuing with the birday celebration
the song "It's Your Birthday" by the Beatles
was played

 Yum Yum

We had dinner outdoors

under the beautiful live oak trees

As it grew dark we moved the party over
to Janie and Allen's beautiful home
 a couple of blocks down the road

The view from their deck is breathtaking

Janie surprised Andy with
a birthday cake

It was a carrot cake- a little Birdie told us that was his favorite!!

and to finish a magical evening
Janie sang a few of her favorite songs

which included "Happy Birthday" of course!!

Every Little Birdie says

Next post I'll share our adventure
to the historical Reeves Ranch

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