Saturday, January 5, 2013


I need help!!

Is anyone else having problems
with blogger not letting
them upload pictures from
their computer?????

Starting today, I was in a new post
and when I
clicked on the picture box
next to "Link" it brought
 up a new menu page

It wants me to get my pictures
from Picasa Web Albums

Problem is that's not where my
pictures are and it would be a lot of
work to transfer them over to Picasa

Does anyone have a
suggestion that might help!!!


  1. I'm having the same problem! I thought it was just me and I messed something up. I'm relieved I'm not the only one. I always work on my blog posts over the weekend and schedule them to post throughout the week. It has taken me soooo long to get 2 posts together because I've had to upload pics to my computer, edit on Ribbet (I don't like to edit on Picasa), upload to Picasa, then upload to my blog! It's awful! If you hear a tip on how to fix the problem, please share with me, too!


  2. Is is telling you that you have used all your free storage space. I got a message saying this and I think it was because of the size of the pictures I was loading. I open my pictures in Microsoft Picture Manager and resize them to Web Large (640x480 px) and now they load fine. I think you only get so much free storage but certain size photo's do not count against your storage. You could try this, otherwise you may have to purchase additional storage from picassa.