Monday, September 3, 2012

On the Ranch

My friend Charlie
invited us to his
Labor Day/Birthday party
at his ranch

Charlie is known far and wide
around here for
the great parties and events
he has held on his ranch
over the years

He raises Black Angus Cattle
and they roam all over the ranch

Charlie's ranch goes back four generations
His ranch house is over 100 years old

Little known fact -
James Michener stayed with Charlie at his ranch home
while he was writing his book   TEXAS
Mr. Michener acknowledges Charlie in his book
and credits him for an in depth history of Goliad
and the battle fought there for
Texas independence

and by the way
Charlie is quite the story teller himself
He has many stories about
the area around Goliad
and the ranches in that area
and I even think some of them are true!!

An old tractor turned into yard art!!

Charlie's pride and joy
is his community center/pavilion

He and his friend Jesse
(who also lives on the ranch)
have done a great job
of creating an atmosphere
that celebrates every thing

Reeves Ranch Community Center and Pavilion

That's Jesse on the left giving the
children rides on his horse

and speaking of Jesse,
this colorful character
has quite a unique
abode on the ranch

Can you see his colorful trailer in the background??

What can I say-
he's a creative guy!!!

The old timer on the left is
singing "Happy Birthday"
with a little help from all of us
to Charlie (on the right)

Charlie invited us to go inside
his community center
and take a look around
"It's kind of like a museum, he said"

and look who hubby ran into at the party!!
What's a party on a Texas Ranch with out the Duke??

There's even a corner with a TV playing non-stop westerns
(Black & White of course, that's the best kind)

Lots of places to sit and eat a plate of the
delicious brisket he cooked up, complete with all the trimmings!

Isn't this place great!!

Here's Charlie telling one of his many stories
to a group of friends

We had a great time!!

Charlie has created something very special
and he loves to share it with all his friends

But all good parties must come to an end
Time to leave
Don't hit a cow on your way out Partner!!

Every Little Birdie says-
Happy Birthday Charlie
You are one great guy!!!

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