Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fall Sale at the Gardens

 The Victoria Educational Gardens
have a plant sale twice a year

I've been anxiously waiting all summer
for the fall sale

It was last Saturday.....

After a couple of years I've got
the routine down

Get there early...
I did and I still waited in line to get in!!

Know what you want
because the good plants go quickly

Regardless what time of the year you visit, the gardens are always beautiful

the hunt begins!!

Once you start selecting plants you bring them over to the tables
they will give you a number for your spot
you can continue to bring as many plants as you want back to your spot!!

I quickly found my spot and started
loading it with plants!!!

and yes there are ladies that watch your plants
so they don't disappear!!!

And this year they had something new

The Master Gardeners were selling
their pots, garden books, and
yard art

.........and yes, I did find some treasures
Two shabby bird cages,
one rusty old angel chime,
and one galvanized container

What a fun shopping experience!!

Time to leave the gardens
..........and the great
part is there are lovely old gentlemen
with large wagons
standing by to load your plants
and garden treasures
and haul them to your car!

Every Little Birdie says -

I'm in the mood for a little fall gardening

How about you?

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