Saturday, September 1, 2012

Grannie's Attic

Yesterday hubby and I were both in town
on separate errands
so I called him up and said

"How about a lunch date
at Huvar's, downtown Victoria"

After lunch we headed our
separate ways

As I was heading out of the downtown
area I spotted some activity at one of
the stately old historic homes

Of course I had to check it out......

It was an Estate Sale!!!!!!

They were selling everything in the
yard, garage and attic

They will be doing an estate sale
inside the house in October
and you can bet I'll be there!!

It was cash only and I didn't
have much with me but
I did find a few treasures

I found this galvanized bucket for $2.00

I brought it home, cleaned it up,
added a vintage label and a
little vintage bow

I also found a linen table cloth,
a few mason jars, and some
old picture frames that I'll
probably turn into chalk boards

It was like going through Grannie's attic!

So much fun rummaging through
these old forgotten treasures.....

If only money grew on trees
I'd have bought the whole lot!!!

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I love an unexpected

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