Tuesday, September 18, 2012

It's Fall Y'all

It's Fall Time
Texas Style

Which means I have to put myself
in the "Harvest" mood
because the temps don't
drop around here till maybe November
........if we are lucky

But never mind, I'm a true Texas girl
and the warm weather doesn't bother me
I'll just create my own fall atmosphere

A few pumpkins and
a scarecrow should do the trick

Time to change the theme
on my sideboard

My mom gave me these
pumpkins with scripture

I love them!!!!

A little pumpkin grouping
on the table behind my sofa

I'm sure I'll be adding
more as the season continues
but this is enough to
put me in the
"Fall" spirit!!

Every Little Birdie says-

A South Texas Fall


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  2. Love all the pumpkins, your sideboard looks very festive. Your vignettes look warm and inviting.
    following you with GFC and Linky.
    Love for you to follow back.
    Patricia from http://topiaryrose.blogspot.com

    1. Thank you for your lovely commment, Patricia. I'll have to pay a visit to the topiaryrose. Please come back and visit me soon!!

  3. Happy Fall, gotta love it! Especially loved your little chalk board and the white bird house. The colors were great.


  4. That bird cage & pumpkins are lovely. Happy fall Marsha.

    ~ Herman Swan

  5. All so pretty! I especially love the scripture pumpkins, do you recall where your Mom got those?

    1. Oh Sue I wish I did know where she got them, but it's been a very long time and my mom's memory is gone and mine's fading fast!! Thanks for the nice comment and visiting my blog. Please visit again soon.