Sunday, April 15, 2012

An Urban Oasis

We were in the big city this weekend

We went to Dallas to celebrate
my mother-in-law's 80th birthday!

The family gathered at my
brother-in-law's home
for this fun family time

He is one of the most
amazing gardeners I know
and I just have to share
his beautiful Urban Oasis
with all of you in blog land!

Lovely area to sit and relax

A small water feature - can you see the fish?

He has great yard art

Jerusalem Sage

Aren't these gorgeous!!!  Can you see the butterfly??

Every where you look there are beautiful flowers

Someone is enjoying a quiet moment by the pool
(My granddaughter)
While we were enjoying this
beautiful garden,
the big city, with all it's noise
and hustle and bustle
was just minutes away

It truly is an urban oasis!!

It was nice to visit Dallas
 and spend time with family
but I couldn't wait to get back
to my quiet, simple country life.

Every Little Birdie says -
I am now a country girl and I love it!

What did you do this weekend????

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  1. What a lovely are right it is an urban oasis.