Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Two Projects

We had two projects going
this past weekend

On Friday 22 pallets of grass
where delivered

They were placed all
around the house

We have coastal grass that
covers most of our 3 acres
but we wanted Floratam
St. Augustine grass around the house

Have you heard of Floratam????
It was developed by
Texas A & M and the University of Florida
It's a type of St. Augustine
that is adapted for warm humid
sub-tropical regions
It is very hardy and drought resistant

I don't know about you but I have
fond memories as a kid of going barefoot
in our lush St. Augustine grass

It's just great to wiggle your toes in!!

........and Saturday while the crew
was out laying our new grass
I was on the screened porch working
on another project!

Remember the Oak table and chairs
on the porch???

And remember the Annie Sloan Paint
I got for Christmas

Well I decided it was time to use it!!!!!!

This paint is very thick so I kept
some water on hand to add as needed

I decided the old oak table
and chairs needed a new look!!!
It took me most of the afternoon
to paint them
but I found the AS Paint
very easy to work with.

Meanwhile the grass
was going in nicely........

I love the way it frames my flowerbeds
Back on the porch things were
looking good too!!!!

Once the grass was in it
was time to start watering it

I let the newly painted table
and chairs dry overnight and
the next day I used sandpaper
to smooth out the finish

I was told at the store
not to use the AS wax on this piece
because it's an outdoor porch
and will be exposed to the Texas heat

Good to know!!!!

I think both our projects
turned out very nice

Take a look......

Love the way it brightens up the porch

Love, love, love my grass!
Doesn't it just complete the house

Two projects completed!!

but there's always more to do......

Next project..... add pave stone
walk ways in the front and back.....

Until the next project

Every Little Birdie says-

I think I'll go take a nap
in the hammock and rest awhile!

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  1. What fabulous projects!!!
    LOVE the look of the new table!!! Doesn't white paint make everything look better? :)
    And your grass looks great!!! Definitely completes the look of the house!
    Hope your week is going good!

  2. Nice work. You're going to enjoy a beautiful lawn this summer. Love the white table and chairs...so fresh and crisp. Ashley is right. White paint can work miracles.

  3. Your table looks so refreshed! I adore your little hankie on your end chairs - too cute! We have St. Augustine in our backyard - but we're not humid, just dry and HOT in the summer. I love it too! Not itchy like Bermuda which is mostly what folks around here have. Enjoy your nap!

  4. Painting those chairs is a LOT of work! The table and chairs look so nice. That grass definitely looks bare toe worthy. How nice to have it done for the summer. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Wow, you should be SO PROUD of two VERY big WELL DONE projects! I bet you sat back and SMILED PRETTY at the results!
    Have fun running barefoot through your new lawn.