Sunday, April 8, 2012

Annie Envy

OK, I admit it
I'm in love with anything
painted with
Annie Sloan Paint

I love her colors

They are just so darn

She has blue

Ohhhhh, I'm GREEN
with envy

She has Old White

She also has a pure white

Then there's her
beautiful french grey

I love all her distinct colors
and I love that you can mix
them and change your shades

I've mentioned before that
Santa brought me some 
 "Old White" Annie Sloan Paint
for Christmas.

I've been waiting for nice, warm
weather to paint my oak table
and chairs out on the screened porch

I'm hoping to start this project
in a couple of weeks.

I can't wait to show you
the end result.

Her blog says no prep work
and very easy to use

If anyone has any tips for me
before I start my paint project
I'd love to here from you

Every Little Birdie says -

Wish me luck!!

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