Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Evening Shift

It's 8:00 p.m. and I've just
come in from working in my yard.

I love the evening time, the sun
is beginning to set and it's getting
a little cooler,
perfect time for a little gardening.

I'm continuing to add plants
to my flowerbeds

These are called Polka Dot Plants and they work
well for a shady spot I've got

I added this wood fern to my tub

These aren't new but I keep moving them around
this is where they landed for now

Found a place for my cross, next to the butterfly plant
(my Son-In-Law made this cross for me so it's very special-
the crown is made from barbwire)

My butterfly plants are beginning to bloom!
Aren't the blooms pretty

I've scattered these pink petunias around --
sticking them in different pots for extra color

slowly but surely my flowerbeds are filling up

While I was out in the yard, the front porch caught my eye,
next thing I know I'm up there adding things,
and moving things around

I added this Dr. Pepper crate
and moved my little rocking chair

I'm always changing things around out here.
Never know what you might find from day to day!!

 Something else caught my attention
...... I noticed I have a cute little
family living in this birdhouse.  I counted
six hungry mouths waiting for mama to feed them!!

I finally put my hammock back out.  It was stored for
the winter.  If I'm going to be out here working
I need a place to rest!!!
And right before I went in
for the evening I noticed
I had some visitors in my yard

Have I mentioned how
much I love living in the country!

I feel so blessed that God
has placed me in this
lovely place I call home.

Every Little Birdie says:

I'm tired, off to clean up and go to bed!!

I hope you have had
a blessed day also!!!!

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